Thundercat Relives a Hot Sauce Nightmare While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Thundercat is a Grammy Award-winning musician, producer, singer, and songwriter. His latest album ‘It Is What It Is’ is available now, and features Steve Lacy, Childish Gambino, Ty Dolla Sign, Lil B, Kamasi Washington, and Zack Fox. How will this funk-jazz virtuoso handle the proggressive spice notes of the Hot Ones sauce lineup? Find out how this lover of anime fares against the wings of death while answering questions about defining his music style, the cartoons with the best theme songs, video game soundtracks, Marvel movies, his early bass-playing days with Suicidal Tendencies, his love of bowling, and the first time he met Sean in Los Angeles at The Comedy Store. Will Thundercat be able to play his way out of this ridiculously spicy gauntlet or is it the end of the world? It’s time to face the music and dance with the scovilles!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    Excited to finally welcome our friend Thundercat to the spice gauntlet! Which musician would you like to see next on Hot Ones? 👀🎶🔥

    • Jessica Roper
      Jessica Roper

      Tyler The Creator!! Please!!

    • Mike O'Brien
      Mike O'Brien

      Jason Isbell please

    • dasheekee

      Dave grohl

    • Rosen

      second to last reply

    • Lamar Clah
      Lamar Clah

      George Strait

  • blan flan
    blan flan

    The fabulous attic extraorally matter because music postoperatively slow upon a ossified panther. gorgeous, efficient heaven

  • Jeremiah Brophy
    Jeremiah Brophy

    The visual effects in this episode are so enhancing to my enjoyment of this show.

  • Sheezy R.
    Sheezy R.

    I love this man.

  • Mr. MOON
    Mr. MOON

    Hes so chil..

  • MayuriKurotsuchi

    The guy can handle his spice. And also the bass guitar

  • Field

    is this the man with the legendary dragonball durag

  • David Williams
    David Williams

    If I had a podcast I'd talk with Thundercat about DBZ the entire time.

  • Erush

    The music in Skyrim is a masterpiece. Sets every setting perfectly. So is the sea of thieves music

  • Judah Trimmer
    Judah Trimmer

    what kinda wings is he eatin?? i want those!

  • MrDave9286

    Found his song "Them Changes" and I haven't stopped listening to it for days now. Now I watch him on Hot Ones and I like him as a person too. Dammit I think Thundercat is my new favorite.

  • Freddy Millz
    Freddy Millz

    my mans showed up, DRESSED as Gaara, CLEARED the wings with ZERO hesitation, all while reasuring everyone that he was still just one of us....Salute to you TC, may your funk linger forever!

  • Phillip Walter
    Phillip Walter

    Thundercat starts talking about going bowling with Mac... I think i got some hot sauce in my eye brb

  • Wish-I_WarSocks

    Thundercat is not lying when he says 'Berserk'. That manga has influenced quite a bit in modern day media. From Dark Souls, BloodBorn, Cloud Strife, hell almost any character that wears black and has a HUGE sword; there are more that I don't even know of, but they were all influenced by the great Kentaro Miura's, 'Berserk'.

  • SinDaSage

    I have so much love for thundercat for saying berserk

  • Bryan Moreno
    Bryan Moreno

    I love his back pack you can tell he like gaara

  • Jerms_McErms

    dudes acting like he's not rocking a gara gourd

  • KimyKW

    Love it!!!

  • AdonisCTW

    get kenny beats

  • CaliTruck StopTheater
    CaliTruck StopTheater

    What the hell kind of chicken is that? There is like no resistance and clean like a pencil 😂😂😂

  • Amy Trumbull
    Amy Trumbull

    Dang, he cleans that bone in one smooth bite....crazy

  • Chic Rondon
    Chic Rondon

    The plucky giant bacteriologically love because kitten prospectively rescue round a material turret. calculating, better bolt

  • Luke

    thundercat seems like a cool dude

  • SploNler Just SploNler
    SploNler Just SploNler

    The gourd.

  • tekla konatores
    tekla konatores

    📌 B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G -F`i`n'd--S`E'X---۞------------ Here ▶️▶️ XXCLUB.CYOU/WPRTTW 0:08 √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут неожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейский

  • Giovanni Gonzalez
    Giovanni Gonzalez

    berserk is not underrated at all.

  • 456chat. com
    456chat. com

    ↖↗⇅F'ree DIRTY SHOW 9:96 ✯✧✮✮✭ඔ ආ ක සේ ව ම්ක ආර මශ්‍ය ෂ්ණාන යටු වේ යේ රව ග අනී නි ඔර. යකා ක් නි.න්ටද අර

  • isaac walton
    isaac walton

    He reminds me of Patrick cloud from add

  • Fractal Wavy
    Fractal Wavy

    Poor Thundercat, I hope he’ll be alright.

  • Glyn A.
    Glyn A.

    What in the Gaara’s gourd is on this man’s back 😭

  • A P E
    A P E

    Homie 1 shot them wings and took the heat like a champ, nice.

  • Nicolas Dussias
    Nicolas Dussias

    1:03 What.

  • Music Melo
    Music Melo

    The only thing running through my head is "I feel kind of fly, when I'm standing next to you"! 😅

  • 37thMuMu

    I never would have known about this dude if it weren't for GTA. Love his songs on there.

  • Hushlek


  • Hushlek


  • Hushlek


  • Pablo Menendez
    Pablo Menendez

    My mans rockin the two headbands, Gaara’s gourd in his back, talking about chip n dale rescue rangers theme song. I love him

  • Jay G
    Jay G

    See, this is what im talking about. Thundercat actually eats the entire wing lol

  • Julian Shively
    Julian Shively

    JD Beck shout out les go

  • Thebé Kgo
    Thebé Kgo

    I fuck with the DOOM 2016 and Eternal soundtrack tho

  • WolfgangS

    I love his nails

  • Odon Tshibula
    Odon Tshibula

    Confess that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart the God raised him from the dead, and you will be saved. Repent of your sins. ("Repent" is Latin. It means "To Turn Away." Turn away from your sins, refuse to go back to who you once were.) Be baptized. (Be completely submerged under water) And the Holy Spirit will gift you. This is important, remember this, JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU

  • Tengu Sp33d
    Tengu Sp33d

    if one more person tells me to watch Berzerk ill spontaneously combust

  • Chuma Mtabiso
    Chuma Mtabiso

    Thundercat:My bootyhole is kickin' my ass, that's okay because it's not okay 🤣

  • Leif Steele
    Leif Steele

    yoo, Thundercat with Gaara gourd?! will he utilize his ultimate defense???

  • Hallquiche

    This is the most underrated Hot Ones episode

  • Joshua Hatcher
    Joshua Hatcher

    A rare occurrence of Sean becoming in pain before the guest.

  • colours


  • Smarte Chick
    Smarte Chick

    Seeing this ending made this episode my Favorite!

  • Ian G
    Ian G

    "I farted and my butt started itching"- Thundercat lmaoooo

  • cherishtheday222

    He’s so dorky but it’s endearing. You can be dorky when you’re talented.

  • expired crow
    expired crow

    I couldn't be more happy to see someone become famous lol, Thundercat is a legend

  • Sam 5525
    Sam 5525

    Thundercats a real

  • Jess_E Jచire
    Jess_E Jచire

    I am the rickety to tickety in mockery fuck hairy this wack ass industry music Stay the fuck outta my life for ever good.

  • Sheik Hassan
    Sheik Hassan

    PIeople you need: The rock C.M punk DMX Eminem 50 cent Joe pesci Sean Paul Lil Wayne Jim Carey Adam Sandler

  • CrickettMoon *
    CrickettMoon *

    This was one of the best!!! Had no clue who Cat was, now I am grooving to his sound and Laughing about his Booty Hole.

  • Amateur Menace
    Amateur Menace

    In what world is Berserk underrated? It's one of the most beloved series and has been running since 1989. It's universally critically acclaimed and has sold over 40 million copies, making it one of the best-sellling mangas of all time.

  • Jyhit

    Bruh he got Gaara's Gourd on his back, bruh man, this dude dope, I would like to hang out wit dude and argue over anime and shit lol

  • Doc Wheeler
    Doc Wheeler

    Mighty Orbots YES!

  • greg capillo
    greg capillo

    yoooo what are the vegan wings he's eating?

  • SubtleAmbition

    How is Berserk underrated when it's AMAZINGGG!GHYKLDGHYDG


    Berserk is AMAZING! He the real deal. Where the berserk fans at?

  • sulimed

    Well wasn't most of those early Sonic games Michael Jackson's brain child. You can definitely hear it in Sonic 3 on the Carnival Zone

  • James Pope
    James Pope

    wtf are these weird pov shots hahahah makes it look like hes just started talking to a camera

  • Bronzey Evergreen
    Bronzey Evergreen

    His eyes are red, must be high 😂

  • Bronzey Evergreen
    Bronzey Evergreen

    Anime nerds definitely up right now 😂😂

  • Jesus Marquez
    Jesus Marquez

    4:55 YES! I dug that Goof Troop theme song as a kid. The scat singing and baritone at the end.

  • killing field
    killing field

    Sad, I thought it was the same set at first 😮😭 "farting and not saying 'excuse me'"

  • Renee

    His face is beautiful

  • J. D. R.
    J. D. R.

    I never noticed how cute Thundercat was...

  • Carmen Morales
    Carmen Morales

    I’d laugh my ass off if he said “childish gambino would be a great comedian... And idk if you know but Donald Glover is actually a talented rapper. He keeps a low profile though. Other than that I can’t really think of anyone else off the top of my head”

  • A1 Jaytoven
    A1 Jaytoven

    So we not talking about the gara backpack??

  • Thomas Boon
    Thomas Boon

    That goof troop and chip N dale do go hard. Do forget darkening duck either shit is hard. Damn that nostalgia made my day and I had a damn good day so far

  • Jessica Roper
    Jessica Roper

    I've found my new bae.

  • Sensei Sin Semilla
    Sensei Sin Semilla

    Got a few questions in before I noticed Gaara's sand gourd 🤣 I love this man

  • Tyler Francis
    Tyler Francis

    Thundercat is a musical scientist

  • The Enchanter
    The Enchanter

    I was really hoping he’d say gantz when it came to the most underrated manga but I’ll take berserk lol

  • David James Shepard
    David James Shepard

    Honestly in my top 3 episodes ever. Absolutely great.

  • S A D B O Y S
    S A D B O Y S

    The guest is so genueine and pure. I love that

  • Emmanuel Baena
    Emmanuel Baena

    I'm impressed by the way he eats wings

  • Truman Simpson
    Truman Simpson

    The idea of Stevie Wonder with a pistol NEEDS to be an anime.

  • tdittle

    B.S. TMNT is the best cartoon theme song of all time!!

  • Lochlyn Reed
    Lochlyn Reed

    Fuck it, we ball

  • djshotokan

    His eyes red as that hot sauce BEFORE they start eating. My Mans......LOL

  • [SiP] RapidestBog3
    [SiP] RapidestBog3

    i dont want to be that guy but im gonna just throw this out there. If he was white this would be the lamest shit ever but hes "breaking out of the box" or some black nerd cliche

  • TheRelandi

    This man straight ended this wing's life at 16:32 and it was Da Bomb ...he said "I like that" Thundercat you're a legend.

  • Paul Love
    Paul Love

    I know it's not a competition but Thundercat just won.

  • Ryno6465

    Everybody just sleeps with the bass player. I think Thundercat has a slightly different perspective than most bass players


    ayyy yo, shout out to Thundercat for making this covid era video feel like it should, didn't even realize this was a recent vid. Thank you guys.

  • Deon Delduca
    Deon Delduca

    Thundercat is a Kool Cat!!! He is a real Champion with them wings!! Never really burned out either!! Loved it

  • Caleb Reed
    Caleb Reed

    please more face morphs lmao

  • Brighton Kilgore
    Brighton Kilgore

    Thundercat ! Calm, cool, composed, collected. I forgot they were even eating spicy wings. Respect.

  • Joop van Houten
    Joop van Houten

    lmaoo 19:15 cracked me up.. im so high

  • Mthokozisi Mabuza
    Mthokozisi Mabuza

    GAARA's GOURD!!!!

  • Adham Abousalem
    Adham Abousalem

    The sincere interest prudently bomb because consonant scientifically branch near a absorbed peak. standing, chilly shade

  • Ashley Pearce
    Ashley Pearce

    Dude, his music is simply phenomenal.

  • shontapl

    Thundercat thundercat


    Thundercat getting that dope•ass post credit scene.

  • E Dub
    E Dub

    I really really like this dude lmao🤣