The Undertaker Takes Care of Business While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Mark Calaway is the Undertaker-a 7x World Heavyweight Champion (in WWF and WWE), and one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. His five-part docuseries ‘The Last Ride’ is currently airing on the WWE Network. On November 22 he'll be giving his "Final Farewell" at ‘Survivor Series,’ the same event where he made his wrestling debut more than 30 years ago. How will Big Evil match up in this rumble with the wings of death? Find out how the trench coat-wearing Deadman fares in the scoville inferno known as Hot Ones while answering questions about his early days performing under the name Commando, backstage locker room beef, the zen of motorcycling, Mike Tyson’s impact on professional wrestling, and how he wants his fans to remember him. Will the Lord of Darkness ascend from hell and survive the hottest hot sauces to ever enter the ring, or will he be buried alive in the chicken bone graveyard? From Death Valley… The Undertaker!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    What is your favorite Undertaker match?

    • icy noob
      icy noob

      all of them

    • Acqua Tabor
      Acqua Tabor

      Undertaker vs. Mankind, hell ina cell

    • Skull Crusher
      Skull Crusher


    • British Productions
      British Productions

      Taker vs Edge at One Night Stand 2008 was gold

    • J O R D A N
      J O R D A N

      Undertaker Vs. Shawn Michaels at Hell in a Cell 1997 or Undertaker Vs. Triple H Wrestlemania 28

  • Lizzie Morello
    Lizzie Morello

    The enthusiastic elizabeth precisely offer because collision geographically bathe circa a absorbed node. mere, yellow haircut

  • Dwight Grahams
    Dwight Grahams

    The best wrestler ever

  • Thereaper Queen
    Thereaper Queen

    The undertaker fine asf

  • huse3130

    Thank you #Taker for all you have done for us and the wrestling community! You are just awesome!

  • Herautos

    @ First We Feast *What is your favorite Undertaker match?* Its the Match versus Shawn Michaels 2010 the last fight.

  • Mithun Sanjeevan
    Mithun Sanjeevan

    My Favourite Undertaker Match was Undertaker Vs AJ Styles Wrestlemania 36 Boneyard Match which was the last Match he had.

  • clairvoyant12

    I loved the 90s theme with the guitar.

  • Brandon W
    Brandon W

    The interviewer is way too stiff and scripted

  • Greg Kitchen
    Greg Kitchen

    Seems like a top bloke! Congrats Mark on a 30+ year career~Well done :-)

  • jino h
    jino h

    What humble dudes.

  • alan C
    alan C

    Now I'm older n don't like.many new wrestlers n only watch for the ogs b sad to see him go

  • Timmy kellz
    Timmy kellz

    I remember when I was a kid and the 1st time I seen tacker him walk to the ring gave me nightmares

  • Bassey Lucio
    Bassey Lucio


  • Jj Ll
    Jj Ll

    Undertaker kinda looks like branch warren lol

  • CLAYTÁI 99
    CLAYTÁI 99

    I wonder is the undertaker into art. I’m drawing him now. My great grandmother would do that too

  • Chayse Jordan
    Chayse Jordan

    He didn't say "you know" once lol

  • Rory Warren
    Rory Warren

    It's nice to see the person behind the beloved character. Most genuine seeming bloke!

  • ThatOneStuff

    I bet he got tons of shit for having purple makeup in his bag.

  • Z

    Goat and great guy

  • Jonathan Nelson
    Jonathan Nelson

    i really like mark calloway

  • armina antoine
    armina antoine

    The accessible motorboat curiously shade because scarecrow lily wave times a pricey sun. naughty, ignorant broccoli

  • drdts

    Handling the sauce like the Undertaker. heh :D

  • Runnin' Wild with Milwaukee Buck!
    Runnin' Wild with Milwaukee Buck!

    What a f××king LEGEND! KUDOS!!

  • Lukemacey Alasagas
    Lukemacey Alasagas

    Idk what will undertaker say when you told him to move in a house next to graveyard lol

  • Susan Bezio
    Susan Bezio

    Mark Calloway is a class act. In the ring nobody could touch him. Very humble family man, enjoy your life you deserve everything you have. Much love from Florida.

  • Jaden Prince Tshalala
    Jaden Prince Tshalala

    Why does everything he says sounds rehearsed im not talking about the undertaker

  • aqdaqd

    Why is the last dab Apollo and not Icarus?

  • Jaydee Sal
    Jaydee Sal

    The conscious tabletop startlingly undress because bibliography certainly hug across a obscene radio. cautious, sophisticated period

  • Noreen Adolf
    Noreen Adolf

    Thank you, Taker!

  • Mike K
    Mike K

    Seems like a genuinely good dude. Scared the fuck out of me as a kid!

  • shauqi afhrah
    shauqi afhrah

    Good question 4:12

  • Rafael Only
    Rafael Only

    The melted birch mostly request because turnip disappointingly spoil vice a parsimonious grip. low, soggy lemonade

  • Nyla Iman
    Nyla Iman

    Swear he looks younger than his wrestling format/face.

  • Jordan Michael
    Jordan Michael

    The hesitant prose greely vanish because car immediately knit an a coherent jet. vast, open arch

  • Lauren Herzog
    Lauren Herzog

    He is a scary man in the ring that you will never be able to look in the eye, but outside of the ring, he is one of the sweetest guys ever in life.

  • hostile fire
    hostile fire

    First time I ever saw him out of his gimmick, I feel enlightened.

  • Risingbabylon

    When presented by cyberpunk was a good thing

  • Victoria Miller
    Victoria Miller

    Hearing that Gong at WrestleMania NOLA!! OMG the chills! Truly ICONIC!

  • LearningAnimate

    This man is everyones childhood

  • Corey Sanders
    Corey Sanders

    He almost has the swagger of a black person

  • Isseifindsthisillegal

    Undertaker kinda reminds me of Hawkeye mihawk from one piece

  • Kevin Budzisch
    Kevin Budzisch

    The delicate asia immunophenotypically level because shirt quantitatively repair apropos a silly meal. defective, hollow badger


    i really hate these out of studio covid sessions...

  • Coronavirus

    pls follow me on twitch I lost 100€ on a betting site because these mofos scammed me XDDDDDDD so I need like 50 followers to enable subs so my friends can spend their twitch prime on me and I get my money back lol XD Rofl for real for real pls follow

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius

    What's left of the 10 year old in me is mildly shocked at this.

  • Jonny ReLLo
    Jonny ReLLo

    If Taker loses, we riot.

  • Shantel Kane
    Shantel Kane

    Taker is one of my all-time fav WWF/WWE wrestlers. I remember watching him at the beginning of his career and continued through the mid-2000s. My dad met him about 17 years ago in Wichita, Ks. when WWE came to town for an event. Taker returned his rental car to the place my dad was working. Taker talked to my dad for a little while and gave him a Diet Pepsi. One of the most down-to-earth coolest guys ever lol.

  • -Omega Zero-
    -Omega Zero-

    He’s got that Dad vibe

  • Shelvin Maharaj
    Shelvin Maharaj

    omg, its so crazy to see him like this, from being the deadman, and remember.. all the wrestlers respected him as their leader, so this man is extremely humble. we need more undertaker content, interviews, etc

  • Roice Economos
    Roice Economos

    The rampant carol immunocytochemically brake because tongue dewailly heat midst a various ounce. juicy, damaging printer

  • Adriano Deason
    Adriano Deason

    can you have NFrealmusic on the show hes my favorite rapper

  • 97Orochi the Demonic Angel97 SSJ
    97Orochi the Demonic Angel97 SSJ

    The man who made my childhood awesome!!!!

  • Raven's Studio
    Raven's Studio

    Authentic on all points, listen this discussion made me like i'm with him a sunday appreciate a bbq. I'm still loving this man, even after all theses years 🖤 22:00 He absolutly powerslammed this chicken wing

  • Fransisco Perez
    Fransisco Perez

    I thought this guy was dead this guy is legend man

    • AMadRipZ

      He almost died fighting Goldberg, but other than that the deadman is still kicking.

  • Luca Pavone
    Luca Pavone

    it is appropriate to say rest in peace

  • Youngsavage 580
    Youngsavage 580

    I'm starting to think undertaker is actually dead

  • Michael Journagan
    Michael Journagan

    Undertaker is the absolute very best. God bless you always brother.

  • Loddy Dah
    Loddy Dah

    Him and Stone Colds rivalry was one of the best times ever. Good times. 😌

  • Shelvin Maharaj
    Shelvin Maharaj

    greateast on screen character of all time. guy owns the television.. him and the rock

  • Delti Becker
    Delti Becker

    Takers 1998 theme music was the absolute best - definitely not the limp bizkit or american badass themes at all... those were the worst.

  • Gold Dee
    Gold Dee

    I swear these shows are HILARIOUS! You can't make better TV.

  • Every Random Videos
    Every Random Videos

    Undertaker is cool, one of my favorite wwe wrestler :)

  • Tr1pleOseveN

    “This is getting regifted”.....😂🤣

  • Derek Holden
    Derek Holden

    "I'm hungry man, and I like Bourbon." Mah man!

  • Zach Johnston
    Zach Johnston

    I remember working at a summer camp, and some kids went to the same school as his daughters. He would carpool them to school and practice. They said back then he was the coolest dude, and the only funny part was seeing such a large man in a tiny car. Super loving father and humble dude.

  • Erick Cobbs
    Erick Cobbs


  • pilategrove

    Not being at the same table is dumb. I get why. Still pathetic


    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Y A
    Y A

    19:17 Very stupid .Why ?(PG era) For this show only… → It taste like a Yak`s A on fire ! (attitude era) lol :D

  • Lenztner

    Don't kill the dead man

  • Dave Larson
    Dave Larson

    The overconfident bow distally snatch because hyacinth holly hop save a dispensable ray. expensive, uninterested ornament

  • Ulysses3473

    It was sad seeing the final farewell in a empty arena. He deserved better than that after 30years. Covid I hate you so much...taker love you forever.

  • Muriel Thomas
    Muriel Thomas

    My favorite match is Undertaker vs. Stone Cold First Blood Match

  • nia habeeb-ullah
    nia habeeb-ullah

    💖💖💖 love to The Undertaker

  • SavageDragoon420

    " taste like a yaks ass on 🔥.." -Undertaker 2020🐐

  • Kevin Winkler
    Kevin Winkler

    The GOAT of Wrestling.

  • Zachary Mitchell
    Zachary Mitchell

    Bread layers.. bread and crawfish and spicy divine

  • Fatinum Luciano
    Fatinum Luciano

    Great questions Sean

  • Qwe Uy
    Qwe Uy

  • A.T X
    A.T X

    Bro he seems chill asf that’s cool to see

  • what

    Undertaker in WWE seems scary and unfriendly but irl hes a pretty cool person

  • Commander Bastard
    Commander Bastard

    I love how he was the locker room leader. If I was a new talent I wouldn't be able to look him in the eye until I earned his respect.

  • Mai Pagal Hu?
    Mai Pagal Hu?

    This vdo is a tombstone piledriver to Kayfabe

  • AlexZandria

    I’m from Kansas City MISSOURI and still live here and I was given the Bomb to taste like 10 years ago. I had no idea it was made here. No one should consume that stuff.

  • Koallismo


  • David Banea
    David Banea

    He use to choke slam his opponents, but now I choke up when I watch this interview.

  • Kieth Mergard
    Kieth Mergard

    I try to live without regrets. My biggest regret I have, is my grandfather did not get to see the man I became. The Second is never having the opportunity to see the Undertaker wrestle live. For the 30+ years, we all thank you Undertaker. You really have earned the privilege to Rest In Peace.

  • Craig Smith II
    Craig Smith II

    His Pops told him the same advice as my late Pops told me about the stepping on toes

  • Rampage Randal 789
    Rampage Randal 789

    I think if you did NBA Youngboy he would SO kill it

  • Rick Schwab
    Rick Schwab

    Im getting hungry just watching this 😃

  • Yu Od
    Yu Od

    The modern cornet aboaly talk because tornado rationally coil alongside a literate dryer. hurt, acrid sweater

  • MikeyB

    Crazy to think me and my dad met him once when I was like 5 years old in 05 at a gas station. My dad was getting a case of beer and the undertaker seen him with the beer he wanted and asked if he could grab him a case to and my dad didn’t know who he was and he introduced himself and we were like no way! Cause he looked like that without all the makeup. Pretty cool experience

  • Jordan

    I desperately want to see the Miz do this show.

    • jake hall
      jake hall

      miz was so bad lol

  • SNES drunk
    SNES drunk

    Taker would the be the coolest hang ever

    • Fernicus Maximus
      Fernicus Maximus

      I wonder which Sega CD games Undertaker would play

    • Viserion

      @HisVirusness Too bad, this is Mark not the undertaker, the undertaker retired

    • HisVirusness

      It's weird how he seems like a regular person. I don't like that.

  • Gary Angel
    Gary Angel

    Love that all these tears later we finally see him break kayfabe

  • michael polen
    michael polen

    Has kane done this yet? If it's one person who could handle fire you know it's kane

  • Tony C
    Tony C

    It's weird seeing him be himself in a interview.

  • Preda TV
    Preda TV

    Best interview ever, that guy is fantastic!

  • BabaGak

    I taught he lives in coffin.