The Burger Show Is Back! (SEASON 6 TRAILER) | The Burger Show
The Burger Show Season 6 is here! Alvin Cailan is back for another meat-cheese-bun adventure jam-packed with more burgers and more special guests. Get ready for a whirlwind: the world's spiciest burger challenge with H3H3's Ethan and Hila, a Simpsons steamed ham showdown featuring Binging With Babish, a high-octane burger training session with comedian Gabriel Iglesias, a smashburger masterclass with George Motz and Kenji Lopez, and an international burger tour with IRbinr Casey Neistat. Catch the season premiere on Tues. 11/17!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    *The Burger Show is back!* Which guest are you most excited to see?

    • kingjoekur


    • Mirko Trionfini
      Mirko Trionfini

      GEORGE obviusly, he has his own show but I’ve got never enough of hinm

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow

      No need to ask, just read the main comments and count those WITHOUT Motz in them. Don't under use your golden goose.

    • Jose Vasquez
      Jose Vasquez

      I’ll watch be watching to see Alvin has a stroke/heart attack eating a greasy cheeseburger, dude eat some veg! 🚫☠️

    • Ben Durbin
      Ben Durbin

      Hey guys! Glad to see you back in action. I have a question for the Scholars... Have you tried Buffalo Wild Wing's burger recently? Before you write me off as an idiot, i KNOW that it makes no sense for BWW to have a good burger because they can barely cook a hot wing. That said.... I hate to admit it, but... They are serving an absolutely excellent burger there. It's simple, classic and perfect. Smash style, the fat is carmalized on the patties and you can actually taste them. I'm curious what you guys think. Thanks for reading and cheers on the new season!!

  • KRollSweets

    GM needs his own show

  • Josh More
    Josh More

    I only really care about Kenji. He's there so I'm happy.

  • hotdogwater

    Motz is the best part of the burger show

  • TheJenniVirus

    But I wanted more Burger Scholar. Motz real MVP.

  • Hypnosis 420
    Hypnosis 420

    I would love not to ever see Carlos mancilla again

  • AlbinoBlacky89

    Keep George Motz and retire Alvin

  • Mirko Trionfini
    Mirko Trionfini

    I live for george and burger show

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    To be honest, I'm not all that excited since George already has his own show. And frankly I have no interest in creating "the world's hottest (gimmick) burger". If anything, Alvin and George should just travel around together sampling the country's iconic burgers. I'm sure there are enough (ala Diners, Drive Ins & Dives for burgers).

    • TheJenniVirus

      Exactlyyyyyy. I'm only watching the Motz episode. Everyone else can suck a fat one.

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    Motz is better

  • James Hatfield
    James Hatfield

    Binging with babish is awesome

  • lukthere2

    god..i'm hungry

  • louis debacco
    louis debacco

    bush called for a black out on all footage that showed the usa in a bad light ie coffins and indiscriminate killing plus u really need 2 watch Yuri bezmeinov he describes what is happening now

  • Tōkumade Bradley
    Tōkumade Bradley

    Favorite show on IRbin.

  • VGamerMX

    Ethan the klien of the H3H3 will shit

  • Cameron

    I’d rather have only Motz. I dont need anyone else.

  • Henry G
    Henry G

    What everyone else is saying; we need more Motz!

  • Tobias Valdez
    Tobias Valdez

    TBH id much rather have 999 more season of burger scholar then burger show, but there is only so much information burger god George Motz can give us before our brains fry like his onion burgers.

  • Becca Butterfly
    Becca Butterfly

    Please don't take our MOTZ away !!!!!!!!

  • Justin Hwang
    Justin Hwang

    Started watching Motz a few weeks ago... burger consumption has increased by 159% since.

  • Colin A
    Colin A

    0:04 - congrats on single-handedly bringing back Ethan's signature cough. I missed that.

  • Cat

    If you get rid of burger scholar and George Motz I will burst into flames

  • Lucca Lambert
    Lucca Lambert

    looking like the best season yet 🤤

  • Marissa v
    Marissa v

    Ethan and Hila !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drew Drabik
    Drew Drabik

    I need this now. Sorry I am impatient.

  • Tristan E
    Tristan E

    Oh yes please!!!

  • Radio 69
    Radio 69

    Disliked when i saw Ethan, Liked when i saw the Motz man.

  • tinyGIRAFFE

    more motz! lol

  • Jeremy Phillips
    Jeremy Phillips

    Seen h3h3 gross

  • TheRexTera

    The world needs Motz to become a franchise the size of McDonalds and Burger King. 😋

  • Steven LeBoeuf
    Steven LeBoeuf

    im hype asf I thought it was never coming back

  • Michael Buhaly
    Michael Buhaly

    Alvin is looking a bit slimmer

  • shireymw

    Please don't cut George's show, it's literally the only thing getting me through this year!

  • Brendan Wilson
    Brendan Wilson

    Motz for President!

  • Matt McCready
    Matt McCready

    God bless you

  • Dale De Souza
    Dale De Souza

    Also, just now noticed that this was shot back before Babish got Sohla for BCU

  • Jamie Kitchens
    Jamie Kitchens

    Calm down

  • Gijs van Gasteren
    Gijs van Gasteren

    George Motz should host this show aswell

  • Jesse Saskatchewan
    Jesse Saskatchewan

    Make a bannock burger 😄

  • soft punk
    soft punk


  • XMattingly

    Um... shouldn’t this just be George Motz’s show? 🤔

  • Chris R
    Chris R

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Mike mess
    Mike mess

    Glad you're back! Can't wait.

  • Edgar Ruiz
    Edgar Ruiz

    The juiciest show on the internets!


    I’m waiting for another road trip episode with Motz

  • Matt Shore
    Matt Shore

    No Motz no party

  • Justin Muro
    Justin Muro


  • long le
    long le

    Need more Motz

  • What is The point
    What is The point

    Please no more Alvin! Motz is our boi! No offense alvin but just go back to your eggslut mobile

  • It's Milan
    It's Milan

    Imagine Andrew did actually followed what Skinner did 😂

  • Psuedo Mantis
    Psuedo Mantis

    Less everyone else, more Motz!

  • JiNXX9500

    Fluffyyyyyyyyy! burgers on the brain, baby. I binged the entire Burger Show series AND the Burger Scholar Sessions in like 3 weeks. went to Applebee's for lunch yesterday, what did I get? a fuckin burger, that's what. can't wait for next week.

  • Joshua McGill
    Joshua McGill

    YYYAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! I LOVE BURGER SHOW! Can't wait for Gochi Gang to come back too!

  • Taupila

    This is a comment about Motz.

  • Morris

    Bring me some Motz

  • cheezwombat1

    Alvin is Robin to George Motz Burger Batman! We want more George!

  • Kamil Staruch
    Kamil Staruch

    Why, when we have the living burger demigod George Motz with his show?

  • Taylor Gallion
    Taylor Gallion

    KENJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the LEGEND

  • z1g2012

    Woot! Can't wait.

  • Peder sundström
    Peder sundström

    Thank god it's back

  • Dickie Wilken
    Dickie Wilken

    More Motz!!!


    I don't know but I hate that patchy ass beard dude.

  • TalesofTravis

    I work at a burger joint, there's one in Toronto it's called Zeal burger

  • zbombz123

    Smh h3?? Nah

  • Harry li
    Harry li

    I kinda feel bad for Alvin. Everyone just wants motz

  • Knightcommander

    Yeah, no thanks. Motz or nothing.


    What do we want?! More George Motz! When do we want it?! Now!

  • Igor Schmidlapp
    Igor Schmidlapp

    Sean Evans and Mike Chen are the only hosts worth a damn on this channel.

  • OscarGonzoJim

    fuck yes bring all the burger content you can

  • TheAdjuster1

    GEORGE MOTZ NEEDS HIS OWN SHOW! The fat mexican dude is not fun to watch, sorry but Hot Ones and George are the only ones on this channel that I watch.

  • Dramatic Dragon
    Dramatic Dragon

    It would be better if George Motz had a half hour show.

  • Ben Chesley
    Ben Chesley

    Release all episodes now plz

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones

    Warms my heart to see Fluffy, man.

  • n m
    n m

    ew, H3H3 immediately ruins my interest

  • L1L UNC1V1L
    L1L UNC1V1L

    First we feast is going off for the close of 2020

  • trey way
    trey way

    More George Magic Motz please, when is that guy getting his own show on First We Feast?

  • Irfan Febrian
    Irfan Febrian

    I need motz back!!

  • Psuedo Mantis
    Psuedo Mantis

    George? Where's George? We miss George. No George, no show.

  • Kai Schooler
    Kai Schooler

    Do a hot ones with Ozzy Osbourne

  • Joe Rausch
    Joe Rausch

    YEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!! We've missed you Alvin!!!!

  • Mister Turk Turkle
    Mister Turk Turkle

    Now i remember why i unsubbed. Too many slarppebenders id rather slap than feed.

  • DrChang

    FWF- Burger show starring Alvin and a bunch of famous people Comments- HAlL MOTZ

  • James Power
    James Power

    FLUFFFFFFYYY - Excited, love this show, you go Alvin!

  • Chris6 Lopez7777
    Chris6 Lopez7777


  • Jacopo Barberis
    Jacopo Barberis

    FirstWeFeast: "We made a new season of the burger show!!" Me: "George Motz" FirstWeFeast: "With a ton of special guests!!" Me: "George M FirstWeFeast: "From all over the internet" Me: "George Mo FirstWeFeast: "Yes there's even h3h3 in here" Me: "Ge FirstWeFeast: "We're going to prepare some whacky burgers!!" Me: "Geor FirstWeFeast: "Aren't you curious to find out who's going to try these fancy burgers?" Me: "George Mot FirstWeFeast: "..." Me: "George Motz" FirstWeFeast: "Yes there's also george motz..." Me: :)

  • Chris Heckle
    Chris Heckle

    Will Motz still have his own show? This is very important.

  • Martin K
    Martin K

    This should have George Mott hosting not the walking heart attack Jabba the Hut burger destroyer

  • Calisto Riviera
    Calisto Riviera

    Honestly the show should just have Motz as the host. Alvin is cool but Motz has proven to be a way better fit.

  • Caioakiras


  • Marcelo Ojeda
    Marcelo Ojeda

    i'd love to see elon musk on hot ones

  • Andy Gait
    Andy Gait

    What the feckin' feck is Casey doing with a knife and fork? If he's eating a burger with a knife and fork... 2020 lands another body blow.

  • chris thompson
    chris thompson

    Jesus Christ everyone.....calm down. They're two different shows.

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut


  • PsychedelicGaming

    Probably worth the coronary embolism. Lmao. 😂

  • Luca Keushguerian
    Luca Keushguerian


  • Jonathan Howles
    Jonathan Howles

    Kenji, Motz, and Babby all in the one season? There should definitely be a colab between these guys. Can't wait!

  • Mudhaffar Adhwa
    Mudhaffar Adhwa

    We all love George Motz but Alvin is underrated

  • Lorenzo Bolis
    Lorenzo Bolis

    Motz = Like

  • Rick H
    Rick H

    my body is ready!

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Would rather just have sessions with George.