The Best Da Bomb Reactions of 2020 | Hot Ones
From Will Ferrell, to Zac Efron, to Zoe Kravitz, Da Bomb Beyond Insanity had its way with Hot Ones guests all year long-not to mention Sean Evans, from time to time. Take a look back at some of 2020's best reactions to the infamous #8 sauce in the Hot Ones lineup-including Eric Andre's at-home meltdown and Pete Davidson's epic struggle.

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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    "From my cold, dead hands..." - Sean Evans in response to any talk of removing Da Bomb from the Hot Ones lineup.

    • Smash Cakechamberlain
      Smash Cakechamberlain

      Yo Sean im Sean from South african can i get a signed bottle of da bomb

    • Gino Claveria
      Gino Claveria

      Please Please Please.. We need ROBERT DOWNEY JR. here in Hot Ones and the Rap God himself; EMINEM.

    • PharaohLoso215

      Good! As he should!

    • Bruce Stone
      Bruce Stone

      Bring elon musk

    • TreyK-47

      I want to see Marilyn Manson on the hot ones

  • pooplay

    no one can top micahel cera's reaction

  • DrWillz

    Anyone like Pot Noodle? get a Bombay Bad Boy flavour Pot Noodle and add Da Bomb in there to make a Da Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle. It's fucking hot lol. My face is melting as I type this and I think I feel quite high.

  • Haon T. Emberhog
    Haon T. Emberhog

    Thats the problem with De'Bomb. It's not even tasty. It's just a genuine wave is spice. It's not fun eating it

  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin

    It's a unique flavor- I used it regularly on my food. A little goes a long way. Wouldn't buy it on my own (it's one of those sauces that is just hot for the sake of it but doesn't actually bring anything to a dish other than heat)


    Can't wait to see a #9 that makes them think da bomb as the lesser evil lol.

  • killing field
    killing field

    Spicy honey?! Now I need to get some Jack Daniels and see what's up!

  • UnFaZeD

    I love Da Bomb.. I eat that shit on everything.. im not a fucking idiot tho.. i prefer the Naga Jolakia...... Beyond insanity just seems like a turd fire just waiting to happen 😆

  • Ville Lotjonen
    Ville Lotjonen

    One time when I was 7 my dad put da bomb in some salsa and I ate it thinking it was regular salsa and we both cried in the sink for like an hour

  • Edith Sullivan
    Edith Sullivan

    The knotty snake initially head because stopwatch preferentially moor during a complete map. burly, smiling hockey

  • Marek Večeřa
    Marek Večeřa

    Guys, I think that DaBomb is the most hot one in your show. Simply from the reason that you want to shock your guests before they even know that they are eating the most spicy sauce. So I thing that it is a great marketing and mental move from you that you put the most spicy sauce on the third place from the end that with the last two the guests can have a time for calm little bit down and talk nicely the last few minutes of the show. Ofcourse that the other ones are spicy too, but I think that you know that DaBomb is the most spicy one :)) Just my guess ;))

  • Heat My Shorts
    Heat My Shorts

    I just got an even hotter one! Da Bomb: The Final Answer! 1.5 million Scovilles!!! BOOM! Actually kinda nervous hahaha!!

  • Jeffrey Pawlak
    Jeffrey Pawlak

    Can someone explain why Da Bomb consistently seems to hit guests the hardest of all the sauces, even though there's always two sauces that are listed as having significantly higher Scoville levels every ep? Is it that Da Bomb is pure heat and no flavor? Are the guests' mouth almost numb for the final two?

  • Kendrick Espinoza
    Kendrick Espinoza

    I hope they will have Kawhi Leonard on this. Let's see how he could remain quiet while eating these goodies.

  • Nazri Manaf
    Nazri Manaf

    Who's at 1:22 ?

  • Holly Tyszczenko
    Holly Tyszczenko

    This always makes me laugh. I show this to my dad and he just says (every time) they're wimps. He uses that sauce in his chili for years. It is one of the hottest sauces you can get without having to sign a death/medical issue waiver

  • WeirdosForever

    Da Bomb will never go away and it makes me so happy ^.^ the content it creates it just so good. Even if you're more so listening to the episode while doing other stuff you know the second their on that sauce haha

  • April Carbonneau
    April Carbonneau

    I live for DaBomb reactions. Best part of the show!! And Sean, you're a rockstar!!! Lol

  • Autumnrae Hunley
    Autumnrae Hunley

    "it' taste like a yaks ass on fire" 🤔🤔 sounds legit... Lmmfao

  • ᠰᠣᠳᠤ ᠪᠠᠲᠤ
    ᠰᠣᠳᠤ ᠪᠠᠲᠤ

    😂Sean and David’re looks brother to me🤣

  • sand storm
    sand storm

    I actually have this sauce, and it really is that bad.

  • Khalidity

    I believe there's something chemical inside da bomb and it's not chili

  • suryadi taufan
    suryadi taufan

    please get taylor swift to do this, i love her, but sometime i wanna know if she can handle the spice

  • Big K Tv
    Big K Tv

    I watched hot ones all the time that they braindwashed me to buy Da Bomb.🤔 It is not a joke but damn do you get funny reactions 😂 it has no taste it’s just a sauce to numb your mouth, tonsils and throat. And you’re breathing fire for a good 5-10 minutes. 😂

  • K S
    K S


  • 416Gamer

    This show is the only thing keeping that sauce alive.

  • Prema Yousuf -21
    Prema Yousuf -21

    my dad collects hot sauces and this sauce is in our collection ... it is the one sauce that is no flavor, just straight hell

  • Camouflage

    Oh yeah, the ol' we are half in the pain now. Shouting out to all the people who took that nasty bugger and went on. NEVER take it out for comfort. It's the kicker that get you into the game. After a few drops of something aggressively hot you can take the next one but the dab at the end needs a kicker like that before. I had some sharp tasting - not hot but sharp like a knife - stuff in my mouth. Like japanese menthol stuff that was able to disintegrate styrofoam in a minute right before my eyes. Be aware that something that can get you railed up, blood pressure up, red face, uncontrollable spasm is the best way to get honest answers. When your mind is in flames you don't care anymorew and answer honestly.

  • Thoughts

    I could eat atleast 4 da bomb wings

  • Jose Ramos
    Jose Ramos

    Mate put there nate Diaz

  • chefchenko1

    Get Zuckerberg on this show. We wanna know what that latest androïd tech is about


    "it takes like a yak's ass on fire " -undertaker

  • Asa Nakai
    Asa Nakai

    I have this sauce in my fridge and I will tell you it is no joke. Not really much flavor just straight heat.

  • Dramatic Gnat
    Dramatic Gnat

    I love this! I finally feel like I'm "in the know" about something cool because I've watched almost all of these full interviews at least once. Thanks to Evans and the Hot Ones crew for all the spicy memories!

  • Saul Toro
    Saul Toro

    These videos bring back memories of when me and a cousin introduced DA BOMB to school in Jr and high school. No one could eat it like a boss and because of that we weren't allowed to bring it any more. It make a kid choke and nearly pass out, another guy got it in his eye cause he grabbed a wing too I think and had the sauce on his hands and wiped his eyes cause he was holding back sweat, shame and potentially a cascade of tears. When he didn't show up to class after lunch it was a bit awkward to explain what had happening without making it sound like I murdered someone. He was fine but the rumor was he had to sit out of class for the last periods because he was not able to see for a few hours and his sweating wouldn't stop he was having a terrible time haha it was great. Good times! But anywho i recon the guest should get a fair disclosure before they hit DA BOMB because as much as I love their reactions at it, I also know how cruel it is to sucker punch them with it cause it absolutely does. This sauce is as crazy as the hype! Excellent video!

  • Jou Alvarez
    Jou Alvarez

    It will be cool to have The GOAT eating the Hots

  • Brandon Marino
    Brandon Marino


  • Will White
    Will White

    I have Da Bomb hot sauce. Tried it and its not that bad. I've had worse.

    • CFH

      Same here, the reaper sauce was way worse.

  • blowera1

    No one that consumed Da Bomb has contracted Covid. True story

  • Melanie Magdalene
    Melanie Magdalene

    Why is Naomi so damn classy?


    Worst sauce by far mess with the show-BALLIN NBA

  • MisterChase28

    I had da bomb a couple months ago... ya its not fun

  • EJM3

    How do you not have Idris Elba's reaction in here?

  • ProjectHive

    I bought this sauce a while back unknowingly how spicy it was before trying it and now I regret giving the bottle to my friend smh.

  • Delani Morgan
    Delani Morgan

    i think pizza rolls are spicy so i could never

  • Ask Chris
    Ask Chris

    DA BOMB is this shows, showrunner.

  • Josh Hukill
    Josh Hukill

    Have Da Bomb final answer be you're last dab

  • Ashley Veleska
    Ashley Veleska

    "My tongues about to fall out"

  • Sadi Masochist
    Sadi Masochist

    I'm surprised the Host hasn't developed an immunity to Da Bomb yet.

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy

    invite mark gebauer from germany.

  • Aldo Estrada
    Aldo Estrada

    That sauce will teach you life lessons

  • Call Me Shon
    Call Me Shon

    Only on AMAZON for like $20 !!!!! Lets do it. DA BOMB challenge!

  • Mya Vallejo
    Mya Vallejo

    Please get marshawn lynch on this show

  • Juwels Payton
    Juwels Payton

    We have this at home. It really IS beyond insanity. We just had it again a few hours ago with good dips. Don't do this if you're not prepared to suffer for several minutes.

  • Dasty

    Hello everyone! I posted a new cover on my channel, can you please check it out? :)

  • KennyG881

    So are we just gonna ignore Bill the Camera Guy dressed up as a bee? Just not even acknowledge it?

  • Jakayla Jackson
    Jakayla Jackson

    Omg gotta love the Undertaker It taste like a yak's ass on fire 🤣🤣🤣🤣🖤💜🖤

  • Ekkix

    Here we go -

  • Tyeebha Anjum
    Tyeebha Anjum

    literally love the show host can u please invite nina dobrev

  • Tradgix

    I hear Peyton Manning isn't doing much these days...

  • TJ Worker
    TJ Worker

    Has it many times. I almost got beat up, eating da bomb with a trucker😂. Greatest laughs I’ve ever had, stomach work out, trying to get my wind back after laughing. Twice I almost passed out. Once, trying it. Second on out, passing out watching people react to da bomb😂🥳😂🥵🤬🤬😡🤬🥵😱🥳🔥😂

  • TJ Worker
    TJ Worker

    Anxiety attack

  • HopeThisIsntSOPARela

    Am I the only that gets the hiccups when I eat spicy food?

  • wendy scribner
    wendy scribner

    the only thing for me that has worked was mint gum and ice

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

    I actually use this sauce all the time, I think it tastes pretty good. I think maybe some of you have bottles that have gone rancid, I've had that happen with other sauces with orange juice in them.

  • cipolm

    I think Mark Wiens would make for an amazing interview. He has the most enthusiasm I've seen when trying new foods in his youtube channel and he is a lover of spicy food.

    • cipolm

      If anyone can keep a smile from eating Da Bomb and describe it well, it would be Mark Wiens

  • Willy Ravero
    Willy Ravero

    never drink ice water while spicy hit your tounge.. get sugar and put on your tounge.. dont swallow it.. wait till it melt.. it will help

  • Young Peck23
    Young Peck23

    It's like liquid spice

  • Darcy Liam
    Darcy Liam

    Da Bomb is pure flaming jet fuel in the best way possible. If you like raw heat it's for you.

  • Dop eSkiis
    Dop eSkiis

    Idk who the majority of these ppl are.

  • optimusprimsxD

    this sause is scary i think its worse that the last dab ive had both but Da Bomb had me running around for about 20 minutes trying to figure what to do to get rid of the heat

  • Devon Kenny
    Devon Kenny

    Messed me up....💥💣🔥🤕😓🤢

  • Stock Watsonn u
    Stock Watsonn u

    Da bomb is essentially acid.


    Lmao pete davidson reaction is killing me lmao

  • Kondziumordo 420
    Kondziumordo 420

    Stevo would put it on his eyes

  • Curtis Mckenley
    Curtis Mckenley

    Bet you i could eat all them

  • Ryan Stobes
    Ryan Stobes

    Have Jelly Roll on Hot Ones

  • neogrup2

    I wonder how much the company that made this sauce has made from this show?

  • Akash Adrian Mehta
    Akash Adrian Mehta

    We need to see Jamie from Vat19, since they are known for their spicy snacks.


    Do joe Rogan!

  • AstronautSaint Records
    AstronautSaint Records

    I'm gonna level with ya. I grew up in KCMO where Da Bomb was created. We used to do "Kung Fu" challenges at the restaurant I worked at 15 years ago that would involve how many (insert food item here. Most of the time sliced pepperoni.) covered in Da Bomb sauce can you eat in 60 seconds. You get immune after a while. It's like how Westley from "The Princess Bride" used to take small amounts of Iocaine Powder over two years to build immunity. Sean is Westley and everybody else is Vizzini in a battle of wits.


    Here's me trying to do 4 wings covered in Da Bomb in under 6 minutes. Lets just say the experience wasn't pleasant T_T

  • John Kim
    John Kim

    Damm u know it hit them hard when their lips are flaming hot cheetos lips

  • Gino Claveria
    Gino Claveria

    Please Please Please.. We need ROBERT DOWNEY JR. here in Hot Ones and the Rap God himself; EMINEM.

  • NateModo Dragon
    NateModo Dragon

    Pete Davidson’s is the best lol his voice goes super high later on 😂😂😂

  • forch 5
    forch 5

    Loved it...HARD-CORE !!

  • VulpineWolf Entertainment
    VulpineWolf Entertainment

    Guys.....Pete Davidson has Crohn's disease.......why did he do this? He was probably in intense pain with the intestine problems (I have crohn's too)

  • TheDevilisBlue

    I first encountered da bomb about 17 years ago in treatment in Arizona. We each put a little dab on our pinky and tried it. Shit is painful, not spicy. One of the teachers at the facility later in the day went over the radio "Da Bomb is in my eye!!!! I repeat its in my fucking eye!!!!!"

  • PharaohLoso215

    Hands down the best sauce y’all got. Solely off the expressions on peoples faces when they eat it lol.

  • Ashton Perez
    Ashton Perez

    Was that T pain who said that tastes like gas? That was absolutely hilarious lol

  • Michael Rosa
    Michael Rosa

    You should get the Wu-Tang Clan on there

  • Neonbrine

    Like that many people are crying or drinking something meanwhile undertaker was there doing non of that and only did a few hiccups and whipping his mouth with a rag

  • Steven Carnes
    Steven Carnes

    If gasoline had a ghost pepper asshole it would be called DaBomb

  • Lori Wishman
    Lori Wishman

    Needs to go. No flavor, just hot and metallic. Bring a tasty sauce with equal scoville.

  • Patrick Tsao
    Patrick Tsao

    All the sauces on Hot Ones are like the competitors in a Punch-Out game - unique, challenging, and steadily scaling in difficulty. Da Bomb is Aran Ryan, stuffing steel and barbed wire into his gloves before the match, armed with a brick on a rope, waiting to clock you in every uncool way possible as you walk in. 100% dick move. 100% uncool. And 100% critical to the experience.

  • Michael Boyce
    Michael Boyce

    Better yet get Cameron Diaz

  • Michael Boyce
    Michael Boyce

    Or Cory Everson.

  • Michael Boyce
    Michael Boyce

    Get Tom Cruise or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • Evelyn Brownhm
    Evelyn Brownhm

    The giant suggestion geometrically switch because bat clearly balance up a plastic software. dear, elastic backbone

  • Uncharted Thoughts
    Uncharted Thoughts

    *it tastes like Tabasco sauce burns like somebody is marking your mouth and soul with a hot poke*