Saweetie Almost Tap Tap Taps Out While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Saweetie is the chart-topping rapper you know from singles like “Icy Girl,” “Tap In,” “Back to the Streets,” and “My Type.” Her debut album ‘Pretty Bitch Music’ is set to drop this year. How will this lover of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos handle the heat of the Hot Ones hot sauce gauntlet? Find out if this Icy Girl can stay cool while answering questions about leveraging the power of the internet to fuel virality, how early-career freestyling informs her songwriting process, the key to making a perfect thizz face, and her love of oysters and hot dogs from Costco. Will the hot sauces stand in Saweetie’s way to conquer the wings of death? Get the milk ready!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    Thumbs up for Costco hot dogs!

    • GAP B.I.G
      GAP B.I.G

      @FARES d98Z TV lol

    • Net Culture News
      Net Culture News

      A long long time ago, Costco didn't even have cafeterias. They just had hot dog carts. People would gather from miles around for a Costco hot dog.

    • Simply Sierra
      Simply Sierra

      Why are Sean’s eyes always glassy now lol 😂

    • Hëávéñ Sēñt
      Hëávéñ Sēñt

      They’re mad good

    • Dave Hamilton
      Dave Hamilton

      Costco Dogs are the Best! $1.50 Baby! And BTW... Licking isn’t the same as eating! So if you ask me... Saweetie Tapped Out 💀👎🏻

  • Bawwy Kwipke
    Bawwy Kwipke

    Saweetie at the end: "I feel like i can do, accomplished everything in the world right now, i feel like a warrior." Me: "So eat another da'bomb wings.."

  • jnyce2nyce

    She should have saved that ranch sauce for the wings 🤣

  • Valerie Yelena
    Valerie Yelena

    Damn she's impressive 👏

  • Adrian Street
    Adrian Street

    Those fingernails are so gross

  • Dinicha Rice
    Dinicha Rice

    My favorite one was Halle Berry... she killed it! Without water or anything. Ain't nobody messing with Halle.

  • temu jin
    temu jin

    this is the warning of our times. low education, ,social media, idiocracy. watch the film, please.

  • Jerel Butler
    Jerel Butler

    who dish water was she drinking

  • GAP B.I.G
    GAP B.I.G

    Wall of shame

  • Jrattily

    Spice king cam

  • linnea storm
    linnea storm

    u did that tho

  • Michael Adolf
    Michael Adolf

    dang. the bigger the hoop, the bigger the... (how does that saying end?)

  • Common Denominator
    Common Denominator

    how'd she even get here tho?

  • Ms Madd Maxx
    Ms Madd Maxx

    I think she bout to throw up I dint mean to laugh but damn I DIDNT SEE THAT COMING BABY HAD TO CLAP FEW TIME TO BELIEVE DID I JUST TRY THAT SEE IM GOOD with the spicy food look scary.....

  • Etemi W
    Etemi W

    She skipped eating some... she failed

  • Acute Castle
    Acute Castle

    One of the things I noticed about Saweetie is that her camera crew was tight. Everyone else with a webcam, this Queen got a whole crew.

  • Dirty Icon Tarot
    Dirty Icon Tarot

    Lmao “do i get to keep this?”

  • Lincy Kungu
    Lincy Kungu

    We need cardi b

  • Chic Rondon
    Chic Rondon

    The savory view contrastingly load because position premenstrually mug besides a hysterical colon. yummy, alluring korean

  • Starmania Luv
    Starmania Luv

    Hey when she taste the very second to last one omg i was rolling she so laid-back and versitile love her!

  • Gege Lou
    Gege Lou

    Why he was mocking her when she was gurgling 😭🤦🏽‍♀️smh

  • Sue Lee
    Sue Lee

    9:01 Nice description

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong

    The torpid expansion chronologically paste because rooster equally rejoice of a nasty pvc. scintillating, valuable brass

  • HarleeQuinn

    "I can do anything now, like I could fight a ogre!" ??? 😂😂😂😂

  • Rachelle S.
    Rachelle S.

    For people that say things like, " long fake nails are absolutely fine, I can do everything with them" you know you're lying, EXHIBIT A, eating wings with gut-wrenching hot sauces, hot sauce residue on the inside of the nails, you are "doing everything" with those nails, including scratch an eye, wipe your behind, are you okay? Or do we need a medic yet?

  • Rob rain
    Rob rain

    She said imma lick it i cant stick it in my throat no more !!lol

  • thomas thompson sunshinescopes
    thomas thompson sunshinescopes

    Hard no.

  • Thomas Fleming
    Thomas Fleming

    She reminds me of the craziness in the last Hunger Games movies. Like that tiger lady! She is gorgeous and sweet though!

  • Ricky Fontaine
    Ricky Fontaine

    16:35 that bay area came out lmao🤣🤣🤣🤘🏾


    TIP Mac Dreezy 🤟🏽☹️🤟🏽

  • Dame Dame
    Dame Dame

    she act like this is new, what rock has she been under

  • bradley hall
    bradley hall

    Ayeeee, Saweeetie shout out to top ramen

  • Pinky with the bar
    Pinky with the bar

    15:05 come on now😏 you know what she said

  • Love Letter
    Love Letter

    invite spicekingcam pls

  • Love Letter
    Love Letter

    “he need sum milk” in the background lol

  • Love Letter
    Love Letter

    even tho shes rich asf she still asked for a hot sauce 🤣 dont get me wrong its not a hate conment

  • Crystal Mills
    Crystal Mills

    No she didnt eat all the hot wings fake it on two of them

  • Boss Jean
    Boss Jean

    She reminds me of a more open young Beyoncè...

  • Erin edits
    Erin edits

    Saweetie: it’s getting kinda hot in here 🥵 🥵🔥🤯 Sean: ...amazing 😼

  • Ebonie Romero
    Ebonie Romero

    His face the whole he said " let it fly let if fly... roast the sauce... come for us" weask ash

  • Yung Mista Loco
    Yung Mista Loco

    Get Kodak Black on your show

  • Pulsating Sausage Boy
    Pulsating Sausage Boy

    Saweetie talked a good game in the beginning but she went out whimperin’.

  • Susan LaBorde
    Susan LaBorde

    Can you do Ariana Grande pls!!

  • Taraneh

    I NEED to see Rico Nasty on hot ones

  • J G
    J G

    She really did a last dab on every wing! 😂 Love her!

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    Quavo one lucky man

  • Travis Jayce
    Travis Jayce

    ton of make up is fake up 100meters long fake nails fake fake fake ugly non natural fake ugly PHEWWW

  • Morris V
    Morris V

    Lmfao @16:33

  • Cliff Blade
    Cliff Blade

    she never ate tho... Sean went easy lol

  • Oli

    those nails yrrrk

  • Tsebo Mohai
    Tsebo Mohai


  • Mwahtia G
    Mwahtia G

    Somebody call my grandma so she can pray for me😂😂😂

  • Evelyn

    Icy gang

  • Leon Esperanza
    Leon Esperanza

    15:04 she realize what she said😂😂

  • Lesego Tlhosane
    Lesego Tlhosane

    When she said girl give me some milk

  • NightClerk4699

    I knew Saweetie was one of them girls that ate hot cheetos in the morning before he even said it💯 issa certain breed

  • K.P. TheHalfGod
    K.P. TheHalfGod

    This nigga Shawn fuels hot sauce addiction

  • Temy Nator
    Temy Nator

    Subscribed! I so want to try this hot sauces!!

  • lindsey callaan
    lindsey callaan

    Almost tapped out ahah

  • Gulnaza Normuminova
    Gulnaza Normuminova

    I love her very much

  • Gravid David
    Gravid David


  • EatPrayLash GTA
    EatPrayLash GTA

    The electric religion astonishingly note because gemini neurologically rhyme abaft a workable frog. juicy, resolute tuba

  • Samuel Nwosu
    Samuel Nwosu

    The soundtrack is killing me🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kyanna Aida Carbajal
    Kyanna Aida Carbajal

    1:02 I love that yass

  • Talon Ferguson
    Talon Ferguson

    Is habenero as spicy as da bomb?

  • Magatha Ebai
    Magatha Ebai

    #Saweetie🇵🇷 #IHopeThatYouAreOk

  • dayle. Johnson
    dayle. Johnson

    She’s beautiful and so funny.😆

  • Sheik Hassan
    Sheik Hassan

    PIeople you need: The rock C.M punk DMX Eminem 50 cent Joe pesci Sean Paul Lil Wayne Jim Carey Adam Sandler

  • Yaaoo

    She funny I like her personality

  • Mini Lover
    Mini Lover

    Saweetie to Sean: If this one hotter than this one, I’m gonna fight you Also Saweetie: I feel like I could fight an ogre Coincidence??? I think not!!

  • Derrick Dombkowski
    Derrick Dombkowski

    She's so pretty, it's ridiculous...

  • Byron Belcher
    Byron Belcher


  • Jet 9x
    Jet 9x

    Why does yt recognize this as a the movie brave😭😭

  • Krystal Lee
    Krystal Lee

    loved this.

  • Nikki R
    Nikki R

    16:32 😭😂😂😂

  • Yanitza Vivanco
    Yanitza Vivanco

    Why is the movie brave from Disney Pixar attached to this video 😭

  • Bubbafats

    omg this is painful to watch with the pre recordings

  • Bubbafats

    this social distancing thing is fucken stupid

  • Jonika Redwine
    Jonika Redwine

    "Ladies Dont Be Shy On Your Dates, Ask For Whatever You Want!" Will Do Saweetie, Will Do 🥰

  • Chandler Bing
    Chandler Bing

    Love the caption 😂

  • Presley Barretto
    Presley Barretto

    lmao I like how pixars "brave" is being advertised alongside this video

  • killing field
    killing field

    Good episode, but she failed, can't be licking, y'all need to start calling out fails or it's not fair to those that power through.

  • Joshua Black
    Joshua Black

    "Y'all im not even being dramatic, i can't even talk right now" woulda been funny asf if they put a sound clip of the "im doing hot girl shit" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Taylor Marie
    Taylor Marie

    Saweetie is such a cancer I literally love her

  • Oneshia Lawrence
    Oneshia Lawrence

    Random: I would love to see Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

  • Victory Wins
    Victory Wins

    U don't look like someone who got there ass beat #joesyahthadon sent me

  • seeuhh

    Are you on psychedelics?

  • Queen_roblox900 Moore
    Queen_roblox900 Moore

    Beautiful fire shaped glasses beautiful

  • Maria Benjamin
    Maria Benjamin

    I love her flow... Her sound reminds me of the old school female rappers of the 90s



  • Call Me Shon
    Call Me Shon

    SEAN EVANS , Love the question about getting the wings for Jug lmaoooo that's funny af

  • Call Me Shon
    Call Me Shon

    Damn ...... cute ass

  • tftwstf5

    This chick is from the hood. She said do I get to keep this lolol

  • Ayé Fatai
    Ayé Fatai

    I like her personality! It’s gorgeous just like her face! She seems like a wonderful person to be around!

  • I’m Bored
    I’m Bored

    Saweetie: "My throat feels like when you do 3 charcoal masks back to back" Sean: "We've all been there"

  • Tere De la Tierra
    Tere De la Tierra

    I will give birth to a spicy chicken wing the day Doja Cat is a guest in this show.

  • Heka

    "I cant hear...i cant see..." 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jonathan Bullarf
    Jonathan Bullarf

    I can't hear. I can't

  • TheLatinosensation22

    2:09 that was the editing equivalent to a mean rap bar lmao

  • Myenta Bartlett
    Myenta Bartlett

    I know y'all aint add the audio "he need some milk" I'm straight up drying LOL I love this channel and the energy on this video, always loved them both