Priyanka Chopra Jonas Explains the Essence of Hot Sauce While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Priyanka Chopra Jonas is one of the world's most famous and successful actor/producers. Her latest film, The White Tiger, is currently streaming on Netflix-ditto for We Can Be Heroes-and her memoir Unfinished is set to release on February 9th. But how is she with spicy food? We got a sneak preview when she joined Sean Evans and Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show for a mini Hot Ones gauntlet, but find out what happens when she tries to run through the full 10 wings. Along the way, the international star discusses the difference between Indian food in New York and LA, explains why she met Larry Bird, and much more. It's the Season 14 season premiere-let's go, spice lords!
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    First We Feast

    What is the essence of hot sauce? Describe in 50 words or less...

    • Samin Rahman
      Samin Rahman

      The exquisite blend of spices specially used in each bottle from each brand

    • Kara Sage
      Kara Sage

      “Hurts so good”

    • espy 000
      espy 000


    • Flow Mark
      Flow Mark

      Harry styles

    • Seanime

      Spending the night on the toilet fighting against hot snakes.

  • Nand0

    i can't even watch the thing the host looks so piss drunk

  • Andrea Delgado
    Andrea Delgado


  • Bawwy Kwipke
    Bawwy Kwipke

    After watching every seasons, i tried to get girls flirting with me over plates of chicken wings but wasn't successful

  • Scot F
    Scot F

    `Open a window` she cries , how about turn the fire of .

  • Tashfin Khan
    Tashfin Khan

    Every sauce:why isn't this guy crying? Dabomb: I got this leave it to me.

  • Shaima Hadi
    Shaima Hadi

    Can believe he watched her work on Netflix along with reading her books and done sm researcher for this he truly is great

  • belly

    I can't believe she did this shit she is officially a legend now.

    • Shaima Hadi
      Shaima Hadi


  • Lillian

    i always appreciate when the guests acknowledge Dom

  • Koji BadCo
    Koji BadCo

    I loved her since barfi ❤️

  • Aloise Hango
    Aloise Hango

    She looked so hot at the end 😂

  • Cheyenne M
    Cheyenne M

    So Achar is basically like green seasoning 🧐

  • Janardhan Pashupati
    Janardhan Pashupati

    Disappointed in you Sean. Americans every time I visit and meet them: Wow it must be such a culture shock! What do you think we watch all day? And I love Americans, but let's be honest, America doesn't really have a large cultural component. It's pop culture. And there are regional specifics and peculiarities, but it's not like they have a strong traditional or historical root to them. Culturally, America is a melting pot and very new to the scene, most other cultures have centuries of deeply ritualized, storied, symbolic, significant, and historical culture that America just doesn't have. America doesn't even have its own language, for example.

  • L M
    L M

    I loved Priyanka. Now get Travis Barker on Hot Ones next please❗❗

  • Hodhod Mirza
    Hodhod Mirza

    She's so hot

  • Qui-Gon Jinn
    Qui-Gon Jinn

    Where the Jonas in her name comes from?

    • 2 .1
      2 .1

      nick jonas got married to her

  • Badar Toh ho
    Badar Toh ho

    That laugh at 14:35 they made it look so dramatic yk the painful kind

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius

    I don't think I've ever seen a woman in such discomfort look so damned sexy.

  • killing field
    killing field

    Once y'all get back into the studio, y'all better call out small bites, the internet is watching 👀

  • Robert Calloway
    Robert Calloway

    Must be odd for her marriage knowing she has bigger balls than her husband who only pretended to eat the wings... lol

    • 2 .1
      2 .1

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 true

  • Holly Kramer
    Holly Kramer


  • Yashwanth

    We want to see Elon eating wings

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar

    Look at that buddha statue next to her at 15:10.... TF!?

    • 2 .1
      2 .1


  • Joshua Funk
    Joshua Funk

    The way she talks and dabbles in and out of the natural Indian accent mid sentence while talking like a full American is actually really cool to watch and hear. Plus she articulates so very clearly and is so well spoken. She not only smashed this out of the park but Sean used his interview skills to the best ability. He highlighted her in the best lights and flipped the standard script and put the focus on her intellect and abilities.

  • 2 .1
    2 .1

    she does not deserve the hate people throw at her..Its sad when its comes from the people of her own community......she better leave indian citizenship ...they dont deserve her..( you can always come to France 😘😘)

  • Lawrence Flowers
    Lawrence Flowers

    It was fun to watch her. I wood die eating the first one, jejeje!

  • Glottis

    Da Bomb Hot Sauce company: "yessss... let the hatred flow"

  • crswjr

    I really enjoy "Hot Ones" because the diverse and interesting questions during the interview. The idea behind doing it while eating spicy wings is just "that last dab" on it.

  • Sombojoe C
    Sombojoe C

    She held very rough tough 3/4 of the way through, and then turned into a nibbler. People that are ugly as hell like Jack Black make it because they dive right in and even eat the bone!

  • Anthony Fonttz
    Anthony Fonttz

    She drank the milk way too early!!!!!

  • neil Varma
    neil Varma

    If a Indian woman can’t do this our race takes a setback 😂

  • Holly Youd
    Holly Youd

    How many adds???!!! Sad times and not what I’m here for

  • xYuGaDi

    14:41 Priyanka moans really good

  • melior

    Put together Priyanka is pretty and all, but breathless and disheveled Priyanka is absolutely smoldering, my goodness. Indian spiciness is interesting because, while it's very hot, it's balanced by other factors and flavors that make it more enjoyable. The endgame sauces here are just as punishing as possible. So it's no surprise even people who like spicy foods have trouble with these.

  • 456chat. com
    456chat. com

    ↿⇡↗Fr'e'e SEXY CHAT 8:81 ✫✩✭❋✣බ ද ය කෙහි න න්හුන මශ්‍ නැ ෂ්ණාට නි ගැ වේ සා රව ගවේට මි ආයි. ද ආ රි නි.ම කැටන්

  • Julian Rockwell
    Julian Rockwell

    Episode has more commercials than wings.

  • Change My Mind
    Change My Mind

    Bro, you hit that question right on the mark 5:00 ....I wanted to know that.

  • 1Keba 313
    1Keba 313

    He’s a great interviewer

  • K l
    K l

    That nose is so Cage

    • 2 .1
      2 .1

      why do you care

  • Tony Ashu
    Tony Ashu

    Please bring Keanu Reeves to the show ❤️

  • JaiOnline

    Why is her camera so good while other guests have less than favorable quality lol

  • Varad Patil
    Varad Patil

    she is suchhh a queen

  • Chesco

    *In LOVE with her! So glad she came to NA so we westerners can enjoy her!*

  • OpnEye3

    What’s up with her eyes sparkling. I thought it was a filter or something but idk

  • Barbara Lachance
    Barbara Lachance

    I really like her, she's awesome. I've been to India the food is soooo spicy, she did great!!

  • Tanya Mobley
    Tanya Mobley

    She is ridiculously beautiful! Whew!

  • s m
    s m

    just here to leave my dislike :)

    • 2 .1
      2 .1


  • Maya Christian
    Maya Christian

    PLEASE get the Try Guys! They're so funny! And great! Please please please!!!

  • Nafisa Ahmed
    Nafisa Ahmed

    There is something very fake about Priyanka Chopra.

  • Chris Wilks
    Chris Wilks

    I've never seen anyone look so good whilst feeling so terrible

  • Jonathan Diaz
    Jonathan Diaz

    14:40 that was so sexy

  • Gregory M
    Gregory M

    I love Hot Ones. Best internet find off the top of my head.

  • The Star
    The Star

    Drama queen.

  • Grass Roots
    Grass Roots

    She’s pretty.

  • Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan

    Netflix: "Are you still watching?" Someone's Daughter: 16:32

  • mechashadow

    What is her dress doing to the camera?

  • Albert Oliver
    Albert Oliver

    When she said "im wearing a dress in your honor" Had me thinking she was gna stand up and show us.......hey im not trynna be a creep just being a dude...😍

  • Elana Piranha
    Elana Piranha

    Yeah let’s talk about rich douchey shit. Whats your favorite caviar?!! Psssh.

  • UAIZcoach

    She is beautiful.why is he not eating this time

  • Keith Makan
    Keith Makan

    Pff Priyanka this is not TV XD

  • Keith Makan
    Keith Makan

    Okay what the fuck is going on in South East Asia seriously

  • Fandoms4Life

    I can see she literally has tears in her eyes when eating the chicken wing with Da Bomb on it!!

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin

    What a lovely woman, and I don't mean just her beauty.

  • Chanreiyo As
    Chanreiyo As

    I'm indian, I'm built for this😘😘😘

  • francesca sala
    francesca sala

    she gives me such Tully hart vibes from firefly lane

  • IndigoFire

    The White Tiger.. amazing movie. Highly recommend!

  • Jamie Guilmette
    Jamie Guilmette

    Gosh I think she is a fantastic woman. I just could not handle the amount of finger licking going on!!!

  • Nestor Delgado
    Nestor Delgado

    Damn I find this woman to be beautiful 💯💯

  • Rishabh Chatterjee
    Rishabh Chatterjee

    how does halle berry destroy an indian in this,

  • Yash Vivian
    Yash Vivian

    Priyanka bot player hai yrr 💩🤣🤣🤪🦵🤪🤪

  • Pallabi Mitra
    Pallabi Mitra an interviewer I am absolutely loving Sean Evans, this interview included. He is so mature and intuitive with his questions. One of the best interviewers in the world I am sure.

  • robert flint
    robert flint

    Really hoping she was going to take off her top in order to cool down some....Damn she's HOT.

  • Mico Dungca
    Mico Dungca

    The interview makes this show great, aside from the hot sauce madness haha

  • Wing Chun Internal Wing Chun
    Wing Chun Internal Wing Chun

    That was the most sexiest episode I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Thank you.

  • Poopy McGee
    Poopy McGee

    Least interesting guest on this show, ever.

  • Uncle Jokes
    Uncle Jokes

    Harry Mack needs to be on the show freestyle rapping wile eating hot one

  • Ritesh

    do not drink milk with meat, increases skin diseases. ~Indian book on medicine circa 4th century BC

  • Nc Devi
    Nc Devi

    Bula from Fiji. It feels nice when people from other countries, do recognize Fiji

  • Gmo Si
    Gmo Si

    Anyone noticed the wink from the statue on the top right at 15:15

  • Ozy Aldo
    Ozy Aldo

    😍😭this was my crush until she got married

  • Paruchuri Rahul
    Paruchuri Rahul

    @ SEAN EVANS you should do this show with Mark Wiens he will enjoy thoroughly :)


    Madam ka accent badal gya

  • Michelle poppins
    Michelle poppins

    so good! shes amazing! sean is the best interviewer/host!😘

  • amol s
    amol s

    i want to keep watching because she's so bad

  • Flow Mark
    Flow Mark

    Harry styles

  • nelson santos
    nelson santos

    Now i knew it why she became india 's most talk about person and popular in her carer as a celebrity.gorgeous!

  • Yolanda Perzz
    Yolanda Perzz

    eminem please!!!!!!!

  • Michaela Damiano
    Michaela Damiano

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING YALL! Takes a week to deliver to California. The first 5-6 hot sauces are completely sweet. No spice at all. Mcdonald's hot sauce is spicier than those 5-6 bottles. Already felt like a waste of money. Before you buy just it worth spending $22 on one bottle of sauce. YOU DON'T NEED IT.

  • Britany Acanto
    Britany Acanto

    Please invite Dakota Johnson!!!! 🥺🥺🥺

  • SippyWoodhead

    Dude... Facebook ads??? No.

  • Shana Takoor
    Shana Takoor


  • Black & Whit
    Black & Whit

    You should get Chris Evans on the show or Robert Downey Jr

  • Charlie Warlie
    Charlie Warlie

    Mauritius represent !!!

  • Wendy Krommehoek
    Wendy Krommehoek

    She is beautiful

  • Jader Piura
    Jader Piura

    Can we get David Blane here? That would be sick!!!!!

  • Akash Deodhar
    Akash Deodhar

    Licking fingers all the way just like a true indian 😊😊✌

  • J. H.
    J. H.

    New hot sauce that made my radar ( Extreme Regret ) if you love hot sauce you’ll marry this one.

  • BuckFlicks

    Way too many ads.

    • BuckFlicks

      Good episode, though. She was a great guest.

  • Terminally Blonde
    Terminally Blonde

    Ok, so maybe it's just me... But I honestly don't know HOW the hell Nick Jonas managed to get this woman to MARRY him! I mean, did she commit a crime and he's the only one who knows about it? Does he have her mother locked up somewhere?? Did she lose a really BAD bet??? Did she get roofied at a party and wake up already married to him???? WTF happened here people??????? 🤣

  • Seanime

    Jesus almost 2k in dislikes? wtf is wrong with yall