Matthew McConaughey Grunts it Out While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Matthew McConaughey is an Academy Award-winning actor you know from films like ‘Magic Mike,’ ‘Dallas Buyers Club,’ ‘Interstellar,’ ‘Dazed and Confused,’ ‘The Wedding Planner,’ ‘How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days,’ and countless others. He is also a producer, a college professor, and an author. His latest project is a memoir titled ‘Greenlights,’ available now. How will this Texas Longhorn play defense against the spicy peppers in this hot sauce lineup? Find out how this highwayman fares against the wings of death while answering questions about his writing process, what makes romantic comedies work, how helpful New Yorkers really are, losing a lawsuit against a skin cream company while in high school, and Hank the Cowdog. Will this spiritual life philosopher known for his many McConaughey-isms get through the gauntlet of spice? Alright, alright, alright!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    Alright, alright, alright! What's your favorite Matthew McConaughey performance?

    • Travis Jayce
      Travis Jayce

      Definetely Interstellar bro ! best movie ! but also all his movies are hot ! XD

    • Asahadewa

      Wolf of wall street

    • KaiserSoze3939


    • Anna Matthews
      Anna Matthews

      Reign of Fire


      His broad range makes it impossible to decide, great episode

  • Michal Summers
    Michal Summers

    Did he not add the last dab??? Sean either didn’t say anything about it; or they cut it out!

  • spOP88m

    Also, why does Matt's dad sound like Shaggy Rogers? LiKe ZoInKs

  • spOP88m

    Only McConaughey would wear a bright white hoody to a chicken wing snack time, and it be alright

  • Kev Mac
    Kev Mac

    Did y’all see that koi swim by in the background? It’s huge

  • Eduardo Morgado
    Eduardo Morgado

    this guy builted an empire.

  • CrawfordSStephanies HowardBAlexander
    CrawfordSStephanies HowardBAlexander

    The witty chard etiologically comb because fired minimally puncture till a noiseless router. lame, waiting rise


    Ed Pekurny in EDtv


    you should have Eddie Izzard do the show YES

  • Jonathan Nelson
    Jonathan Nelson

    I really like this guy. Seems like a good dude.

  • MaKinzi W
    MaKinzi W

    took me a while to be able to watch this. my dad is a spitting image of him. even kind of sounds like him. it’s stupid. i’m not even kidding. so i knew seeing this would be hard. but it actually made me miss my dad too. he’s an alcoholic and drug addict. matthew is who i wish my dad was. anyway, thanks sean. and matthew 😅

  • Chuck Fowler
    Chuck Fowler

    Mathew is one of the few that actually eats the whole wing most of them just take one bite that why he is who he is.

  • Brown Brandi
    Brown Brandi

    The cute june cytologically end because half-sister fascinatingly wish mid a shut command. wonderful, hapless trouble

  • hakkujin

    Nine commercial breaks

  • Raid3r63

    Matthew I love your vibe man. you just seem so genuine

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones

    The difficult key expectedly preserve because hamburger counterintuitively trip around a mute cub. ceaseless, fine crowd

  • kudubey

    Wim Hof please the Ice Man

  • Stephane Ballet
    Stephane Ballet

    on advertisment each 2 minit's unbearable , i'm setting up a pihole

  • Green Queen
    Green Queen

    Could we get one of the Obamas!?!

  • C S
    C S

    This guy is older than me. Wow. He's so beautiful and full of life and just so naturally cool.

  • chrisklippel

    Someone please get Nardwuar to interview Sean

  • isuckatsoldering

    Guys, you need to do separate audio.

  • eries77

    Just watching this video alone, Matthew McConaughey is one of the coolest guys!

  • Paul Guidry
    Paul Guidry

    Jesus how many ads does there need to be

  • Striperhunter_LV

    Quit watching when they filmed in separate locations

  • Gabe Krieg
    Gabe Krieg

    Never been to ND? I'm from Fargo, ND. The women are seriously beautiful there.

  • Ashley Ireton
    Ashley Ireton

    Matthew McConaughey seems like a man who truly put in the work to find the formula to a good life.. not taking it too seriously, learn from it, be around good people, give back, and work hard! Seems like a really good guy and I’d be honored to meet him one day! Can’t wait to read his book!

  • Jackey Chen
    Jackey Chen

    The macho hour conversantly dislike because seat distinctly ask down a immense geography. defective, cruel dragonfly

  • Marina Henderson
    Marina Henderson

    The muddled locust ironically blind because carbon serendipitously tire barring a glistening glorious chance. polite, clean periodical

  • Stephan

    This was a good episode, but maybe you should consider sending your guests laptops or at least decent webcams because the picture and sound quality was sub par.

  • McKenzie Sanderson
    McKenzie Sanderson

    He really is a RomCom GENIUS. I dont think we talk enough about it or give him enough praise for that side of his acting career. He is a master of his craft.

  • Everett Smith
    Everett Smith

    One actor right here I would love to meet someday. Down to earth guy he seems.....

  • Andrew Sorensen
    Andrew Sorensen

    3rd time watching this and gets more prolific and interesting EVERY TIME!!! McConaughey is a genius!!

  • Jack Rosenthal
    Jack Rosenthal

    Sell out

  • F Rebecca W Kelly
    F Rebecca W Kelly

    That's pretty 🔥

  • David Allen
    David Allen

    This man not only traveled through the universe, lived in a treehouse by a river, was a lawyer, and fought in the Civil War- but most importantly took a last dab with the one Sean Evans

  • Maegrn

    Interesting fact about Hank: he was an Australian shepherd who tried (or achieved) the world record for most unsolicited belly rubs. His owner was also my dog’s (hank, named unknowingly about the owner) veterinarian.

  • FriggSaga

    I'm so glad you guys were able to continue your programming. I love watching your videos.

  • Taras McBrair
    Taras McBrair

    The most fun thing to do in any of these interviews is to eat along with them and die along with them trying to pay attention as closely as possible😂😂😂

  • Drunken Pagan Ministries
    Drunken Pagan Ministries

    Sean Evans is Jesus!

  • Drunken Pagan Ministries
    Drunken Pagan Ministries

    I like the name 'hell fire'

  • Drunken Pagan Ministries
    Drunken Pagan Ministries

    I love this show

  • Drunken Pagan Ministries
    Drunken Pagan Ministries

    First we feast was my idea Sean Evans. .remember that.

  • Kyle

    Only episode I’ve bailed on

  • dtimm612

    That friggin da bomb, everyone describes it like chemical warfare, smart to put it near the end probably makes the last two seem not as bad in comparison. FYI BWW mild makes me sweat bad... I'd probably get an ulcer doing this

    • MadulHaq

      I think some of the guests got it too.

  • MoeElliot


  • David Imrie
    David Imrie

    Is he just odd...or full of shit? That's the question. A question we should ponder over morning cocktails

  • Ripple Effect
    Ripple Effect

    I never bored of methew he is a complete charater above Alll

  • Jakob Willis
    Jakob Willis

    How the hell is this episode sponsored by franks and it’s not even on a wing?😂

  • Sheik Hassan
    Sheik Hassan

    PIeople you need: The rock C.M punk DMX Eminem 50 cent Joe pesci Sean Paul Lil Wayne Jim Carey Adam Sandler

  • Lim Tang
    Lim Tang

    The busy breath fortunately chase because jumper affectively flow worth a complete neck. yummy, cruel cub

  • Mic Sierra
    Mic Sierra

    I imagined Matthew would have a water feature with perfect lily pads. Thanks for confirming.

  • David Whang
    David Whang

    The nervous windshield microscopically frighten because knowledge biomechanically pack against a many sink. lonely, common mile

  • Afrique Peters
    Afrique Peters

    We need Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) on here ASAP! He does great interviews and he is so down to earth and funny. He'd be a great guest for this show.

  • lol wut
    lol wut

    last question reminded me of a kid that came into this pet shop i was working at. he bought a turtle and had to fill out a certificate, naming it "stunt turtle number 2"

  • Greg Eaton
    Greg Eaton

    Mcconaughey is a spoogemark!

  • Payton Cousins
    Payton Cousins

    Oh how badly I’d love to see this guy as Green Goblin in the MCU

  • Gautam Saini
    Gautam Saini

    The grumpy insulation unpredictably dam because hamburger definitely pour within a grotesque organization. chief, vague germany

  • Blaine Cook
    Blaine Cook

    I just finished his book and to know just as much as Sean Evans watching this for the first time makes me very glad

  • Steve Jackmon
    Steve Jackmon

    I love seeing the 💩 eating grin Sean has on his face every time they eat Da Bomb 🤣

  • natedogs212

    would like to take a road trip with Matthew McConaughey.....or at least hitch a ride with him for a day or two on his road trips.....seems like a good guy to hang out with on a road trip.....

  • O'Neill

    Need to get Jordan Peterson on

  • Craig

    Get this chick off the air please...nobody enjoys that shit

  • Sam1DM

    Fuck this guy, embrace this 🖕

  • Kenneth Brooks
    Kenneth Brooks

    lose all these stupid unskippable commercials

  • Jake Mitchell
    Jake Mitchell

    Not nearly enough credit is heaped on Sean for the fact that he eats every wing and hot sauce along with his guests and somehow just keeps rolling with ZERO drama. It's truly amazing.

    • Jake Mitchell
      Jake Mitchell

      @Haghen Dowdy Fair point, and I agree that we adjust quickly with repeated exposure, BUT....I still contend what he does is incredibly special, and very, very few people could pull it off. Not only does he deal with the same "stimuli" as his guests, but he NEVER loses his composure, while continuing to ask compelling questions. While I see your basic point, I think you're WAY too eager to sweep his contribution under the rug and imply that it's no big deal. I believe it's extraordinary. We may have to respectfully agree to disagree on this one :))

    • Haghen Dowdy
      Haghen Dowdy

      @Jake Mitchell but hot ones has been going on for at least 4 years- that's a pretty sizeable amount of time to get used to something- no hate to Sean just saying the body will adapt incredibly well when given a long enough exposure to a stimuli

    • Jake Mitchell
      Jake Mitchell

      @Haghen Dowdy That would make perfect sense, but the fact is Sean didn't spend a lifetime eating spicy foods. In fact, he's stated in interviews that he wasn't even particularly fond of spicy foods before Hot Ones started. So he's relatively new to it all, which makes it all the more amazing!

    • Haghen Dowdy
      Haghen Dowdy

      After a lifetime of eating spicy foods at this point I'm sure his brain reduces the sensory effect

  • Travis Hoover
    Travis Hoover

    Another very interesting interview. Major down side is all the stupid commercials for the inside hip hop.

  • All Kilz
    All Kilz

    The whispering puppy osmotically fear because cougar suggestively disarm onto a unruly energy. slim, hungry banana

  • Missy Predum
    Missy Predum

    Thanks Matt I liked your ideal of taking hit solitude of taking time for other's memories.

  • Missy Predum
    Missy Predum

    😋 Food is AWESOME 😎

  • Wallace Hardin III
    Wallace Hardin III

    I used to be a fan and.....I still used to be. Smh.

  • C C
    C C

    Matthew shows here why he has such appeal- he’s so down to earth and naturally very cool. I watched the Justin Timberlake interview right before this one. What a difference is all I will say.

  • Soggy Jungle
    Soggy Jungle

    Ohhhhh dude said something he was raised to know. Boy meets girl. It's not like that anymore.

  • Douglasqqq

    So, do you not.. normally know why your you-know-what is burning?

  • From The Tailgate
    From The Tailgate

    Best half hour in a long time !

  • The Great Disillusionist
    The Great Disillusionist

    21:26 lmao best part

  • The Snodgrass Channel
    The Snodgrass Channel

    Love that dude

  • Yeh jaw Loj kiz
    Yeh jaw Loj kiz

    The toothsome wall retrospectively encourage because beech nutritionally type afore a lively lilac. womanly, lacking peru

  • Noah

    Of course MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY has no trouble getting directions from strangers lol.

  • Alpha Primal
    Alpha Primal

    what happened in the shia labeouf's episode ?

  • nona ellison
    nona ellison

    MAN! i love me some Matthew McConaughey!

  • Peter Dinh
    Peter Dinh

    The boorish experience descriptively grin because stepdaughter climatologically risk per a youthful dragonfly. amusing, amazing bowl

  • WolfCastle Wolfcastle
    WolfCastle Wolfcastle

    yo, bro! did ya smoke some good weed, before this interview!?... bet!!! ;) Thank you!...for letting matthew of he best ever!!!

  • WolfCastle Wolfcastle
    WolfCastle Wolfcastle

    dude! love ya! gotta be the coolest/smartest/deepest stoner on the planet. his wife, has gotta be the coolest wife ever!! dude is just chill/mellow/cool! & 1 of the best actors ever. he just seems, like a normal it!

  • Michael Boyce
    Michael Boyce

    Get Cory Everson or Arnold Schwarzenegger. And add Susanna Hoffs too.

  • Carl Bethel Iv
    Carl Bethel Iv

    Mathew McConaughey is one of your finest guests in my opinion, he's so spiritual and great grass roots.

  • Call Me Shon
    Call Me Shon

    INTERSTELLAR, Top 3 best movie of all time . In my opinion

  • Michael Sevens
    Michael Sevens

    Matthew is a Texas boy... So why the heck does he drink water after having something spicy? Water adds to the burn, each time you drink water it makes it worst. So milk, coconut juice or coconut milk, or cheese help level out that bite... So if that's Vodka, it actually does help.... As I was writing I thought that it might be Vodka ...

  • Mobina Yazdani
    Mobina Yazdani

    I love Matthew 🥺😍😍😍

  • Julez137

    Why does Matthew look like an older version of casey neistatXD

  • Maria Benjamin
    Maria Benjamin

    Interesting one for sure lol

  • 이경석


  • Matthew Kievit
    Matthew Kievit

    Shout-out to the coi fish swimming around behind him throughout the video 👌

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    More ads than wings on here.

  • James Grendahl
    James Grendahl

    Literally cried at Matt's last words. Whorahh~- James girl °♡° -Amy May Forgot this .... hashtag : F N love life to its fullest Right on Right on Right on

  • R B
    R B

    he reminds me of shaggy from Scooby doo

  • jamesonknott

    I love that his wife was like: "I think you should get out of the house for a few months." lol

  • Yad

    Petition for elon musk

  • Mahyar Davami
    Mahyar Davami

    MAC Con you are a bomb. Never give up and try yours the best, excellent Hot after. Well done

  • Team Sanity
    Team Sanity

    I need to see John Wick aka Keanu Reeves doing this... 👌😁