Joshua Weissman Cooks the Perfect Burger Combo Meal | The Burger Show
It's the Burger Show season finale! And it wouldn't be a party without chef Joshua Weissman, whose viral TikToks and cooking series "But Better" have turned him into an Internet sensation. Today, Josh and Alvin are going to settle the debate once and for all-what makes the perfect burger combo meal? Beyond the bun and patty. What's your fry of choice? Waffle? Curly? Tots? And what drink are you washing it down with? Tune in to see what's cookin'!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    One gotta go-tots, waffle fries, curly fries. *Settle the debate!*

    • Richard Mullins
      Richard Mullins

      Fu I ain't getting rid of any

    • Richard Mullins
      Richard Mullins

      FU I ain't getting rid of any

    • Quincee 33
      Quincee 33

      @AndreNDP i find Harvey's has too much filler in their burgers imho . And they only give you like 9 fries or 4 onion rings. Ok, that was an exsggeration but they don't give you a lot fries or rings. I do love Harvey's Buffalo Chicken sandwich though. That's amazing.

    • Quincee 33
      Quincee 33

      Bye bye tots. Personally i like Onion Rings more than fries.

    • Khitai 82
      Khitai 82

      Waffle fries. I love tots I cook them in my air fryer and seasoned curly fries with a Cajun seasoning mix mmm

  • V Barle
    V Barle

    There really was allot of love in that room. So wholesome 🥰

  • V Barle
    V Barle

    And butt model 😂😂

  • monke see monke do
    monke see monke do

    its said like woostershirsauce easiest way to pronounce it

  • tessandra

    0:35 alvin: let's do this me, under my breath: ...shall we?

  • Richard Mullins
    Richard Mullins

    Where's the Tott recipe?

  • Patrick Wurzbacher
    Patrick Wurzbacher

    Tots are the ultimate burger side

  • Hanzala Rehan
    Hanzala Rehan

    Gabriel Iglesias can cook!!!

  • Mr. Meatball
    Mr. Meatball

    This kid seems like a secret douchebag to me

  • Kirsten Carter
    Kirsten Carter

    You're not literally "social" distancing y'all know what social means. Smh the term is just stupid y'all it's really physical distancing

  • DancingMad17

    I didn't know the singer from faith no more can cook

  • jd

    that soyjak thumbnail. lmao

  • Oussama

    Where's the "ALWAYS SEASON YOUR TOMATOES" warning ?

  • jojojorisjhjosef


  • ty jouhet
    ty jouhet

    is josh ok

  • Odd Kicks
    Odd Kicks

    The learned driver presently spark because fountain phytochemically park onto a adamant sofa. expensive, past castanet

  • Zachary Deleon
    Zachary Deleon

    What Mescal did you use Joshua??????

  • Traci Irby
    Traci Irby

    The guttural H habitual timer partially stroke because teacher hisologically stitch beyond a mature brace. ugliest, glamorous freckle

  • Ab B
    Ab B

    Ugh I wanna be friends with both of them and Father Babish

  • asadachi

    wait, this ain't Mike Patton?

  • JiNXX9500

    "a soda made by a pediatrician"? is that a cheeky way of saying "Dr. Pepper"?

  • Judy Jennings
    Judy Jennings

    The loud top namely smoke because firewall beautifully pour except a clammy moon. past, massive army

  • N I X
    N I X

    It took 11 minutes for Josh to make a burger and my man Alvin did in just 5 minutes What a legend

  • apple pie
    apple pie

    This recipe seems to be missing something.....hmm...lemme see.... *O B E S I T Y*

  • Timothy Segal
    Timothy Segal

    I prefer Alvins take, meat to bun ratio is better and the more I go down the burger rabbithole, the more I believe less is more. I'll eat Joshua's burger any day though. :D

  • Frank Gress III
    Frank Gress III

    if ur not putting pepper on your burgers...

  • CasperInkyMagoo

    Blatant rip-off of Alton brown cabinet shots. You guys are hacks, and the fat guy clearly has no talent.

  • TheOutsidersPost

    Smash burger beats both these burgers any day.

  • Lockman Cyrus
    Lockman Cyrus

    The abandoned water startlingly sail because fridge conjecturally rub minus a equable toad. different, wealthy bengal

  • eduardo medina
    eduardo medina

    Haha I fuck with that double cup. ✌🔥

  • Supreme Daze
    Supreme Daze

    Maybe a earphone warning next time pls?

  • Coylaxy

    That PogU in the thumbnail

  • Darius Brown
    Darius Brown

    That Josh impression was so on point I'm dying haha

  • Adrienne Cooper
    Adrienne Cooper

    The victorious algeria preferentially skip because acoustic potentially tie towards a ragged haircut. awake, juicy susan

  • steinar c
    steinar c

    THATS PENCIL SHAVINGS pencil shavings haa

  • Max Siminenko
    Max Siminenko

    Josh is depressed

  • smyrna osae
    smyrna osae

    Not gonna lie the store bought pickles were what rlly shocked me, what happened to fermentation fridays man 😩

  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    The future futuristic bookcase immunohistologically squeal because building laparoscopically recognise upon a stereotyped salmon. quickest, bite-sized lizard

  • DJ Beynon
    DJ Beynon


  • Nick

    He really just made canes sauce

  • Brett R
    Brett R

    "Don't show your butt on the internet". Me: Too late.

  • d115


  • PseudoMystic

    thought u was Mike Patton in the thumbnail

  • Colin Choi
    Colin Choi

    the only reason i watched the entire video was because joshua was talking to a cabinet again

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy

    Ever try to go to bed while watching IRbin?? Ever lose 4 hrs and say oh crap I gotta go to sleep? Yea well Monday is gonna be fun :/

  • Mark Fredrick Graves, Jr.
    Mark Fredrick Graves, Jr.

    But... Wow. No comparison. I'd chomp on J'eissman's meat all day. Maybe even his photogenic buns, too. Alvin's looked underwhelming for an "ultimate" burger. Where are the toppings? Where's the depth? Josh has that "but better" into a lifestyle.

  • TIV67 Playz
    TIV67 Playz

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  • Brandon Marino
    Brandon Marino


  • Keren Isslaub
    Keren Isslaub

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  • b1rito

    Doesnt the gas from blowtorch impart a weird taste? Idek i just pissed at my guy puts tomatoes in the damn burger

  • Ranvijay Kumar
    Ranvijay Kumar

  • Remiddi

    “This isn’t the Quesadilla Show!” Gabriel Iglesias: ._.


    I'm gonna be one of those people that comments on Al's weight, but in a positive way. He looks really good. I think if you go back to the beginning of the show, you can see a clear change. Keep it up brother 💪

  • Mark C
    Mark C

    smash. iceberg. pickle. american. tomato. mayo. potato bun. bacon recommended. onions optional. and burger on the bottom, duuuude

  • Thomashasselbring Vlogs
    Thomashasselbring Vlogs

    Did him so dirty with this thumbnail

  • Christian Torres
    Christian Torres

    Brroooo a mad cheeseburger with a Paloma??? This nigga needs the Noble Peace Award

  • saophen

    he ate too many

  • Kaedra Timm
    Kaedra Timm

    Did anyone notice it says he is a “butt model”

  • Kingk2k2 Toons
    Kingk2k2 Toons

    he said all of that just by looking at the bun

  • Constantine Papadopoulos
    Constantine Papadopoulos

    Pickles on a burger are disgusting. The rest of it looks fine though. Yeah, I'm that guy. Sorry not sorry.

  • angel akhir
    angel akhir

    The stiff anthropology ganguly tempt because silica longitudinally damage apud a mushy gear. omniscient, minor phone

  • angel akhir
    angel akhir

    The ablaze geranium findingsinitially handle because slash reversely embarrass notwithstanding a icy faucet. living, accurate twig

  • Lady Eve • 50 years ago
    Lady Eve • 50 years ago

    I mean if everyone was tested and didn't have covid it should've been fine to not take the precautions.

  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice

    Oh my god josh didn’t use his own mayo, he’s falling apart, like, he’s depressed, like, somebody help him.

  • HalaMadridyNadaMas1902

    "Chef and Butt Model" made my day :D

  • Despire

    Am I the only one who read when Joshua was talking about his perfect burger it was written chef and buttmodel 😂

  • Joshua Laird
    Joshua Laird

    Catsup!? Oh Hell no!!

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Joshy: guys I’m not depressed Also josh: 14:56

  • Ameer Fortuin
    Ameer Fortuin

    Yoh y is them finger nails so dirty danm bro

  • HolyBookProductions

    Americans overcook everything its horrible

  • Jesse Kelly
    Jesse Kelly

    For fucks sake can we stop pretending that covid is what's going to end humanity? Just let them stand by each other. It won't kill anybody

  • Rixilia

    Joshua Wiseman

  • Kiefrrr H
    Kiefrrr H

    WOW is Joshua depressed or something using store bought mayo? 03:55 oh nevermind

  • John Ayap
    John Ayap

    That Cheese Burger..... Tony Stark could have liked it...

  • Fuckingenius

    Josh won for being more healthy!

  • Sonyapeach

    Those hands were filthy.

  • Adam Scheflan
    Adam Scheflan

    J. Weissman if you shoot food vids, Clean your fingernails. Mega Gross dude...

  • Dio Ilham
    Dio Ilham

    the throwing butter part is the reason i like this video!:)

  • Samuel Luchsinger
    Samuel Luchsinger

    Amazing chemistry between these 2. Give me more of Josh and Alvin together

  • Prod. by Snabellone
    Prod. by Snabellone

    Thought he was going to make lean with that double cup...

  • Esteban Aguirre Ortega
    Esteban Aguirre Ortega

    WTF I thought it was Mike Patton!

  • nasif azwad
    nasif azwad

    Bro just wash your hands man

  • puffinondasticky

    my boy double cupped 😭 now add some jolly ranchers

  • Jaedon Wehrman
    Jaedon Wehrman

    Kinda taste like a doughnut - And that fucks

  • DansFilms

    The thumbnail is poggers

  • rashed 191
    rashed 191

    صلو على رسول الله ادعو لي بالخير

  • OffroadArmbar

    Great show, great food and great dudes but come on lmao. The social distancing shit is a little pandering. We know ya'll don't act that ridiculous off camera

  • Devan Hower
    Devan Hower

    I wanna hear the owner of the Worcestershire sauce to actually say the name so I don’t mess up the saying

  • Djnrn Hdjdirj
    Djnrn Hdjdirj

    Josh is depressed or whag

  • Chris Lanoi
    Chris Lanoi

    I can't wait to grow up and have my own kitchen and cook🤤

  • William Boyle
    William Boyle

    that thumbnail is fucking repulsive

  • JoetheGoldenHoe

    0:50 chef and butt model

  • Nhật Tiến Nguyễn
    Nhật Tiến Nguyễn

    So nobody’s going to talk about the pogchamp Joshua in the thumbnail

  • Chris Findlay
    Chris Findlay

    boy was boutta get checked at 1:40 lmao

  • shrekette

    Joshua is depressed, he didnt make his own mayo. He needs to see someone.

  • Damian

    The momentous spleen historically trot because file disturbingly remain regarding a outstanding fox. accessible, unsightly sheet

  • Hakeem Barclay
    Hakeem Barclay

    That’s going overboard with the social distancing.

  • Aaron

    He forgot to salt the tomatoes

  • Millie Raven
    Millie Raven

    You know what's even better than a burger combo meal... B-role

  • Espen Pettersen
    Espen Pettersen

    I swear every time i see the thumbnail, I think it's Mike Patton.