How to Cook a Spicy Malaysian Egg Burger with George Motz | Burger Scholar Sessions
In this special episode of Burger Scholar Sessions, George Motz pulls back the curtain on an international street-food icon: the spicy Malaysian egg burger! This burger is so famous that it goes by several names-the Ramly Burger, the Sloppy Burger, and the "Sampah" Burger, which translates to "rubbish" in Malaysia. But this burger isn't rubbish at all; it's a total flavor bomb. Wrapped in an egg and covered with spices, it's one of the craziest burgers George has ever tried. And now he's giving you the tools to make one at home. Warning-it's spicy!
Burger Slide DP: Stephen Kersting
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    Like if you think George is a burger genius!

    • Michael Marks
      Michael Marks

      Why has Motz limited himself to just doing burgers? He's a charismatic personality that should do sampling roadside diners.

    • krishnaveni vakkalanka
      krishnaveni vakkalanka

      Maggi is legendary

    • black salt
      black salt

      Curry is not one spice, its a mix of spices

    • Hongu Chan
      Hongu Chan

      This is as close as it can get. 10000x better than chili jam from Jamie Oliver

    • Robert B
      Robert B

      If he hasn't been on an episode of yours you need to do it. Do a half burger half win episode. Or 2 episodes 1 at his place with burgers where he asks you questions. And him at yoyr place eating wings asking him questions.

  • Christian Gregory
    Christian Gregory

    Sometimes I just watch these vids to listen to all of George's mannerisms and look at his many facial expressions

  • GoudVis56667

    He looks like Steve-o

  • Areppo

    indonesians be like : RAMLY BURGER DARI TANAH JAWA!

  • Rod Rosburg
    Rod Rosburg

    That style of egg with a sausage patty for a breakfast burger!

  • Amber Rodriguez
    Amber Rodriguez

    The ragged throne increasingly bounce because grape ironically deliver as a blue church. wonderful, brawny throat

  • John Borgen
    John Borgen

    I live that you "bleeped" *shit* and left *fuckin'* alone. Well done.

  • Archer Infinity official
    Archer Infinity official

    i love ur personality bro / keep it frosty

  • Rakshith Jagdeesh
    Rakshith Jagdeesh

    Oh this chap is amazeballs! Love from India 🇮🇳

  • sherrynoff

    oh fuck yeah dude

  • Al As 57
    Al As 57

    WOOOT WOOOT. Best burger right here.

  • Robyn Mccoy
    Robyn Mccoy

    The black beauty parenthetically boil because cuticle early destroy for a sneaky lung. cynical, productive crib

  • FaZe PoZeR
    FaZe PoZeR

    Maggi is amazing We keep a wine sized bottle at my work for employee use, and it's delicious

  • Cooking with Hafsah
    Cooking with Hafsah

  • Hypergrizzly 47
    Hypergrizzly 47

    We usually only eat factory made ready patty called Ramly.

  • Andres A
    Andres A

    Make a Juarez burger

  • SoulReaperII X/_\X
    SoulReaperII X/_\X

    the reason its so popular and came to be after the introduction of MCD is because MCD while being a cheap fast food in the west actually cost more than malaysian street food so it's on the level of a small restaurant in terms of price.

  • Zaafindi Zawawi
    Zaafindi Zawawi

    where is slices of cumcumber, carrot and onions?

  • Limitless Fb6
    Limitless Fb6

    Where can I get that spicy sauce? Sounds sooo good

  • W. Luqman
    W. Luqman

    OMG,he is using handmade patty instead of Ramly patty itself.

  • Chandler Bing
    Chandler Bing

    Crack kills

  • Sathes .
    Sathes .

    Normally the beef or patty we use is cheap. the beef you are using is a higher quality meat. If you want actual taste of the ramly burger you have to use cheap ingredients.

  • aleeya

    He thinks sos chili is spicy that it could be on hot ones? Dayyum

  • Albert Aeruthayan
    Albert Aeruthayan

    Ramleeee burger yassss!!

  • Izzat Irfan
    Izzat Irfan

    Sloppy but satisfied malaysian burger 🥰

  • Arjyabir Hazra
    Arjyabir Hazra

    After hearing Maggi, Indians:- _signature look of superiority_

  • eejay kay
    eejay kay

    ah yess ramly burger. The version you made is called the "daging special" (beef special) i personally like "burger kahwin" ( married burger) , where you put the beef and the chicken patty together wrapped in egg and add a slice of cheese. ITS AMAZING

  • rosalbaramminger141

    The plain feeling hooghly bang because hope bizarrely bore save a broad evening. crowded, lovely litter

  • talkshowhost85

    yo... where are the greens?

  • LadyWatchingBird

    I'm German American and we grew up with Maggi seasoning... oh, my dad put that s*** and everything and the funny Mediterranean restaurant I worked at, that was their secret to their Mediterranean dressing. So I guess everyone loves Maggi.

  • Luke Clifton
    Luke Clifton

    Why didn’t I have a burger history class in high school taught by George?

  • joe nuts
    joe nuts

    What the song at the end of the video with the guitars?

  • Aziris

    Psst! You forgot the generous helping of shredded cabbage. Some people even ask for extra cabbage (sayur lebih).

  • s3cr3tpassword

    This burger is so ubuquitous, you can even get it in schools.

  • FE3DER 320
    FE3DER 320

    Bang burger daging special 1 bagi banjir

  • Nyquist House 之家
    Nyquist House 之家

    This burger is nothing without the proper sauce

  • John Batson
    John Batson

    Love the end -- oops! All gone. Admire George's restraint in not having an ice cold beer on hand to wash it down, like I would. Also appreciate the early and repeated emphasis on using only the cheapest, slimiest ingredients. Brilliant!

  • Ix Suomi
    Ix Suomi

    Malaysians put burgers in real use, I wonder if Thai version would be a lot different.

  • chino moreno
    chino moreno

    missing salad,slice cabbage or julienne carrot,slice onion, slice tomato and white pepper.. anyway you do a goodjob on this video.

  • Shukri Ramlee
    Shukri Ramlee

    The maggi seasoning recipe come from Malaysian although Maggi is an European brand.

  • Magdiel Sierra
    Magdiel Sierra

    I wonder what George would think if he saw a Venezuelan burger...

  • seazonegranec

    Maggi is a brand, they have tons of different products. They're very similar to Knorr.

  • Eintrachtminecrafter

    Funny that Malaysians use Maggi i thought it was only a German thing to use it


    I can do that burger at 14 y/o

  • Bubba Bellin
    Bubba Bellin

    What I like about George is he takes the traditional burger super seriously but also isn't pretentious and likes to try more out there burgers too.

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude

    definitely like youre patching a wall with mud XD i immediately was like.. i gotta try this im an expert haha.

  • Steve Schlazy
    Steve Schlazy

    Does anyone know what type of griddle he uses? Love the videos have inspired me to try many burger creations.

  • Raaan90

    Magee is the brand isn't it?

  • Arif Nasiruddin
    Arif Nasiruddin

    I don't even know that our malaysia burger is unique and different from other burger...i mean we just buy it coz it cheap n delicious affortable street food...thank you for the i can put more pride on our country burger...btw the sloppy burger u mean i guess it "burger leleh" it more sauce than typical malaysia burger

  • The Silent Gamer
    The Silent Gamer

    Not really well informed.. Maggi is the brand name.. they make all sorts of stuff. From seasoning to noodles. So.. you're not putting "Maggi" in there because Maggi is the brand that makes the "sauce" :D Other than this (that probably nobody care about) great video. :D

  • brandon darkins
    brandon darkins

    Can some one tell me what griddle that is?!?!

  • Billy D
    Billy D

    The guy can’t even cook an egg!! 😂

  • Muhammad Nazerin Saripin
    Muhammad Nazerin Saripin

    Need to put lot of sauce and make it messy for malaysian burger. This if no veggie version 😆 For kids.

  • pak min
    pak min

    The most beloved Ramli burger is when the patty is sliced in the midle until it can be open like a book and spices are put inside it..closed it back and walla super "sedap"..

  • Mike Walters
    Mike Walters

    Just binged all the episodes on Hulu and had to come here to find the rest!

  • Vadivelu Soori
    Vadivelu Soori

    No my friend, you just got 50% of that right. Where are the onions, lettuce and tomatoes?

  • Edenjung

    Maggi... Yeah Diese kommentsektion ist jetzt deutschsprachig bzw. Gehört zur Schweiz.

  • Alexander Rewijk
    Alexander Rewijk

    this may be the first time i've seen a bottle of maggi on an american show it's kind of a staple here in the netherlands, it's been historically so popular, people call the seasoning sauce by the brand name. it's amazing in pea soup. our bottles have red caps and accents on the top of the bottle though, and we have very narrow pointy ends that sprinkle it more easily in small doses you kinda have to turn it upside down and back a couple of times rather than let it drip

    • Gehrman

      Same in Malaysia. Maggi is soooo popular here, up to the point that we refer any instant noodle packs as Maggi. We even have a dish called Maggi Goreng or 'Fried Maggi' instead of 'Fried Noodles' or 'Fried Instant Noodles'.

  • Alif Azuddin
    Alif Azuddin

    i love how he pronounce sampah. sampaaaa!!

  • Sid Algronjh
    Sid Algronjh

    wooooo malaysian burger!!!!

  • Raajivkumar Rafeal
    Raajivkumar Rafeal

    George Motz, is that Kampung Koh Chilli Sauce, the Garlic Chilli Sauce ?

  • T E D
    T E D

    there's just some different feeling eating a burger kahwin special cheese at 2 am and that's a true malaysian essence for me

  • ular tebu
    ular tebu

    burger tepi jln jd terkenai sbb utube. maybe lepaih covid ni bila pelancongan pesat balik, melambak pelancong mai sbb nak try burger tepi jln. mungkin baguih utk ekonomi, cuma harapnya harga tak naik mendadak la....

  • Haddedam

    You need to try estonian rat burger, which is slowly dissapearing. Its weird patty with dinner roll style bread bun and strange local coleslaw. It tastes completely unique and half the time is actually microwaved giving it strange half steamed texture.

  • Cartoon Entertainment
    Cartoon Entertainment

    where's the vagetables?

  • Portland Goose
    Portland Goose

    Legend has it that Motz is still picking up and putting down that last piece of egg

  • Qirin Samli
    Qirin Samli

    Ramly buger is a food u must try when u come visit Malaysia. Worth it.

  • xDNRx

    Dude,... I'm in tears. When the spicy chili sauce kicked in... I was rolling

  • Nas Ferg
    Nas Ferg

    Looks like sean schimmel guy who voices goku

  • Crafty Prop
    Crafty Prop

    I was just eating my late night home made burger when I stumbled upon this vid. What a coincidence. Btw, I added some green chillies on top of it. Try it, super nice.

  • Clement William
    Clement William

    from sarawak malaysian borneo, awsome burger genius, tq sir.

  • Mohamad amir 93
    Mohamad amir 93

    u should taste burger stadium version hahah XD

    • Syafiq


  • Kyle Lambert
    Kyle Lambert

    Motz is a legend, hey FWF, keep this guy around!


    To much majerin

  • DJ PKD
    DJ PKD

    Am I the only person who knows that maggi is a brand.

  • charles F. george
    charles F. george

    I fucking aspire to those sideburns

  • ゴーストghost

    As a European, the last thing I expected to see here is Maggi lol It’s very popular here in Luxembourg

    • Bread Crumb
      Bread Crumb

      You know we literally call any instant noodles Maggi here. That's how popular it is in Malaysia.

  • Yusof

    It's called Ramly burger because the patty is made by Ramly. The one with wrapped egg is called 'Special Burger'. The sauce is not spicy, it's more to sweet. I bet you did'nt finish the burger...hahaha!

  • Zappy Redstone
    Zappy Redstone

    bruh, maggie is he brand name

  • TheNazreensyah

    if you could find a Ramly brand burger patties in any asian groceries shop, you should try them. the patties themselves have a very distinct taste, especially the chicken patty. nonetheless, the way you cook this is spot on! p/s you forgot the cabbage by the way

  • Kamal MY
    Kamal MY

    I dont know this video existed until my phone fell on my face and recommend me this. My nose click the video.

  • obet abrham
    obet abrham

    Ramly burger original from indonesiann

    • Abu Garcia
      Abu Garcia

      Yes from Indonesia #doneclaim.

  • BarzCaremelly

    As an indonesiam we gonna steal this

  • Matt Simons
    Matt Simons

    My only complaint of the show is too many little lame jokes. Otherwise it's a great show.

  • Adeeb Ahseek
    Adeeb Ahseek

    Not always so spicy tho... I bought a lot of those, it isn't so hot... 😂 😂 N u actually forgot the cabbage on top... They stuffed bread with cabbage n mayo n ketchup... All the rest u got it right man...

  • Daniel liew
    Daniel liew


  • vialin

    Now I need a double chicken burger with cheese 😭

  • Saladdin

    Have you been to Malaysia? In Msia they put in at least onions, cabbage slices & lettuce for basic ones

  • Remedy

    Maggi is pronounced with a soft "g" like "magic"

  • Not my Name
    Not my Name

    I love my burger with veges, crunchier

  • Opossum Boi
    Opossum Boi

    That burger is popular here in Perth West Aus Maggi is also a brand here

  • Nick Tant
    Nick Tant

    George you make my day brother. Your humor is infectious.

  • Private_Eye

    Who is malaysian here

  • Samuel Ray
    Samuel Ray

    I would choose this over a McDonalds burger anyday

  • Patricia K
    Patricia K

    I love the editing on these videos. You guys are great

  • captainRailgun

    It looks amazing :)

  • 川杨隆

    Lol chili sauce spicy? Hahaha, i think george use the wrong sauce

  • Jeyhan M
    Jeyhan M

    omg im craving rnnnn i want to comeback to malaysiaaaaa

  • Matto MC
    Matto MC

    I dont think thats beef. It looks like Mick Taylor from Wolf Creek

  • YSR

    my country burger thank you sir !!!! hahahahaha