How to Cook a Perfect Steakhouse Burger with George Motz | Burger Scholar Sessions
Burger Scholar George Motz usually smashes his patties with childlike glee. But today, he has his eyes set on a different prize: the luxurious, thick, dry-aged steakhouse burger! The beauty of this style is its lack of adornments-a juicy patty, cheese, and a sturdy bun, which all help emphasize the beef. In the words of Motz: "Take the upgrade people!" Without further ado, learn how to cook a perfect steakhouse burger at home!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    Like if George Motz makes your burger dreams come true!

    • MFgabesylar3030

      He's the burger of my wet dreams

    • Thomas Giles
      Thomas Giles

      6:28 George has been making all these burgers, and hasn't given his ghost a single bite. We're gonna see locker doors flying open and lights going insane soon.

    • Will Marero
      Will Marero

      @Chi Chi Bang Bang He showed you how to make it, Rosie. Take your covid azz to store, buy the ingredients and fire up the griddle, big boi.

    • Chi Chi Bang Bang
      Chi Chi Bang Bang

      Sorry, only way my burger dreams come true is if I get to sample those burgers

    • Bruce Ree
      Bruce Ree

      Now this is just great. Too busy to hit up the IRbin and this is what I get upon my return?

  • RosiYY

    How many times has George slightly burnt his fingers in this show lmao

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith

    George, Have you ever heard of the “Screamers” and “Fluff Burgers” from Tony’s Lunch in Girardville, PA? Small lunch counter turned Coal Region staple serving up burgers with home made hot chili “Screamer” sauce and Marshmallow Fluff (even the menu says “Don’t knock it til you try it!”). Pairs well with fresh cut fries and a few 50¢ cafeteria style cartons of chocolate milk. This place defines what your videos are all about with hyper-regional burgers!

  • Beau Audirsch
    Beau Audirsch

    I vacationed in nyc when I was younger. I was on the lower west side and tried going to the Minetta Tavern, thinking it was a bar. The door person said I couldn’t come in wearing shorts. I was like lol k. Didn’t realize until years later that that was a legit, worth going to restaurant.

  • atbk808

    george rules!

    • atbk808

      "make it look like just a dash"

  • Lisa R
    Lisa R

    I like this guy

  • Jonathan Valentine
    Jonathan Valentine

    Mannn....!!! @Johnny Knoxville looks old

  • lilhack3r666

    Please have George check his flat top, the only way that pop would have happened is if gas built up somewhere and then popped. Those cast iron pans are heavy itd take a lot of energy to make it do that. We all love George and I dont want to see him get hurt in a burger accident.

  • BugCat Chicken tender the 5th
    BugCat Chicken tender the 5th

    Can someone enlighten me, if I where to go out my way to get a dry-aged steak and chuck then grind them to feed 6+ people would it be cost effective? 50$+ for a single steak is weird for me since I know nothing about dry-aged and been using Korean Style Waygu semi thin slices of steak when I want to make special burgers. (Sorry if I'm confusing English isn't my strong suit)

  • dashe boy
    dashe boy

    The mellow beret habitually glue because increase byerly divide concerning a hapless australia. shaky, ugliest outrigger

  • Pancake Lizard
    Pancake Lizard

    Man that iron pan moved by it's self.

  • TheNunakun

    3:30 my man is shoving raw meat down the running grinder with his damn fingers. Careful my man!

  • not today
    not today

    I like his knowledge and enthusiasm of burgers. But he is getting a bit too animated in these shows.

  • El Ruso Gamer YT
    El Ruso Gamer YT

    Nah it's not worth it. That's too much for a burger. Plus they always cook it rare. Why stress your body with undercooked meat. 💯🤮

  • Uncle Luke
    Uncle Luke

    At last a indepent food contractor on youtube.

  • Jon Stone
    Jon Stone

    Am I the only one who was looking at that beautiful rib-eye yelling at my phone "No!!! Don't grind that steak!!!! Why?!?! Why?!?!?"

    • Soren Cyrano
      Soren Cyrano

      Yeah. I would rather have a beautiful cooked steak then a high end burger. You can make so great burger with pre-grated beef, and then leave the good cuts for steaks.

  • Chairman Lmao
    Chairman Lmao

    I feel like there could be a full spin off series of Bachelor George stories

  • Wolfgang Bummer
    Wolfgang Bummer

    This corny guy is lame af

  • ross reed
    ross reed

    what is the flat top thing he uses to cook the burgers on all his shows

    • ross reed
      ross reed

      @micahned lol ya so whats the dam company brand name

    • micahned

      A flat top.

  • Mike Cushman
    Mike Cushman

    your Channel would be the best if you would clean up your mouth.

  • Jayme McNair
    Jayme McNair

    Are you knoxvilles brother

  • Future President
    Future President

    @06:28 WTH? I think you're little burger studio there is haunted.

  • Ármin Cziczó
    Ármin Cziczó

    Give this man a traveling show

  • Joshua Schreiber
    Joshua Schreiber

    More, more, more. For the love of everything burger holy...we need more Motz!

  • Foreign Beggar
    Foreign Beggar

    i’ll take a small, thin, crispy burger over any steakhouse burger any day.

  • Crocuta

    Steak house burgers are awesome made some dry aged ones last week, with some amazing homemade sauerkraut

  • Nathan Tortoreto
    Nathan Tortoreto

    you Sir, are an artist

  • Jude The Neko Gamer
    Jude The Neko Gamer

    Yeah sorry but no theres no way im spending 30 dollars on a burger

  • magicbymccauley

    It's like you touch a hot pan, plate or burn yourself with grease 10 times in each video lol. Great video though. Keep it coming.

  • Douglas Finnan
    Douglas Finnan

    This guy is a little much

  • TheActualGruffalo

    Yeah okay yeah burgers... But what the fuck happened to your flat top?

  • Daniel Arsenault
    Daniel Arsenault

    I get it, a burger like this has super high end ingredients and of course it's awesome but for the money I'd rather just have the steak.

  • Joachim Simon
    Joachim Simon

    Beside the burger show Motz is the best i enjoy watching! Keep the good work up and cheers from Sweden!

  • YesThatDigs

    George. 1) Keep it up. 2) Let's get a shot of that ceiling above your cook station, bro. LOL

  • peterkray

    40$ for a burger lol yeah thanks no thanks

  • Dylan

    Sorry bro but I'm never spending $35 on a burger

  • Rangasmash04

    This guys too good

  • Halsten

    Sorry but no matter how good the quality of the meat is, I just don’t appreciate thick burgers

  • Seven Bates
    Seven Bates

    Watching George burn himself and fill his home with smoke is a goddamn blessing.

  • fuckedfromabove1969

    George has a nice place in NY but his apartment doesnt piss me off with excess. Great program.

  • Ilmari Kinnunen
    Ilmari Kinnunen

    I was kind of disappointed the cheese was melted by steam instead of continuing with the butter-basting.

  • Zachary Hughes
    Zachary Hughes

    Did you hear about the fire at the circus? It was In-tents!

  • Khitai 82
    Khitai 82

    I’ve made some of these burgers at bbqs and the fam can’t get enough of them.

  • Elise Hobbs
    Elise Hobbs


  • parasite unit
    parasite unit

    I now want to BBQ. That's an issue because (a) I have nothing to BBQ. (b) I have nothing to BBQ with... And also (c) it's nearly 23:00hrs here. Even with everything, I'd be eating around midnight. Yet here I am - still wanting to BBQ.

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      looks delicious even for being simple! Love the vid

  • Zack Nichols
    Zack Nichols

    This is the best show on First We Feast. Yep, come at me.

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      This guy is like the American James may

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis

    George, im doing your onion reduction for my Burgers(smash of course) tonight. Ive eaten half the onions already, please send help

  • gamingmetmark delft
    gamingmetmark delft

    i really hope next year either restaurants open again and we ready for next season burger show with Alvin and George or if we still in pandemic lockdown i hope we can do a tour of lockdown burgers and take way burger.

  • ssgt Kyle
    ssgt Kyle

    didn't even leave it to rest as soon as u take a bite all the goody flavour liquid is going to be pouring out

  • Marco2G

    I find most people put so much effort and attention into the patty and then slap it into some cardboard tasting bun. I mean sure, there is no bread culture in the US but come on... People talk about the care that's put into raising the cows, treatment of the meat, and when you're lucky, you don't get plastic wrapped cheese smacked on it. But the bun? It's as if it was irrelevant... Personally, I'd prefer if you served me that burger without a bun at all than one you just pulled out of a plastic bag.

  • ShamZilla

    Anglos love some raw meat.

  • Marco2G

    That 45-50$ piece of steak would cost 100 Swiss Francs in Switzerland... that's more than a 100$... I do admit however, that it looks great.

  • 555 Gear
    555 Gear

    We need Motz NFTs

  • Teflon Hammer
    Teflon Hammer

    Would love to see George's thoughts on the Colorado Green Chile Slopper burger

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    Motz needs a budget just as big as Alvin’s show.

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      This dude is like a mix between Seth Rogan, Jack Black and Hugh Jackman

  • Calvin Dirkmaat
    Calvin Dirkmaat

    The smells in that shoebox must be nice

  • Marcas King
    Marcas King

    Yay! Motz is back!!!!💪💪💪

  • Shaiaz Shah
    Shaiaz Shah

    Sir , would this also work with Wisconsin Cheddar ?

  • Gary Threat
    Gary Threat

    I wonder if Western New York has a distinct burger

  • lamnam

    This guy is like the American James may

  • MidnightMayhem91

    In the kitchens I worked I would be slapped for those onions. They’re the old stuff but guess it depends on flavor people like but it’s usually a “no,no!” But after that the burger looks delicious even for being simple! Love the vid

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    Can you imagine how chaotic an episode would be with George and Matty Matheson


    This is a mofo burger, no doubt. But if you want a cracking treat on the road next time you hit up Maccas get yourself a double quarter pounder with cheese and no sauce. They have to make it fresh and without the sugars from the condiments the beef patty flavour is amazeballs, greasy to the max. Try it out people. Unless you have a 50 buck aged steak at home and a grinder, then do this recipe.

    • yuoop noke
      yuoop noke

      That griddle had a weld let go, the metal got hot warped and it poped the weld. At least that's my guess.

  • Juan Kovacs
    Juan Kovacs

    6:26 LMAO

  • chris carlson
    chris carlson

    Dude. Dry aged is literally rotten meat. Just don't. Ever.

  • Johann Cottier
    Johann Cottier

    Motz your the best!!

  • yummdiddy

    Steakhouse burgers are always underwhelming. Basically crap

  • Marius

    That's one hungry cameraman

  • Resistant Jeans
    Resistant Jeans

    I wish I enjoyed anything As much as he enjoys a burger

  • Eric Baker
    Eric Baker

    Anyone know what flat top george is using in all of his videos?

  • Matt

    This dude is so high and/or drunk in this episode

  • Ninjachickenfingers

    This dude is like a mix between Seth Rogan, Jack Black and Hugh Jackman

    • merl

      Ah yes, my good friend Jack Jackgan. Great guy.

  • N-Woo

    I love this guy he's the best, you can tell just how much he loves doing this

  • Katie Berry
    Katie Berry

    Looks delicious. Thanks, George. I could almost taste it. :-)

  • Kevin Bryant
    Kevin Bryant

    When I grow up I wanna be George Motz

  • Joey Bags
    Joey Bags

    I’d like to smoke a j and eat a burger with that dude

    • Matt N
      Matt N


  • atx0025

    I'm wondering 2 things. 1) just how good that burger is and 2) how many dabs or bong rips does he do making the video?

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith

    This guy is totally stoned rn

  • Richard Wheatley
    Richard Wheatley

    That griddle had a weld let go, the metal got hot warped and it poped the weld. At least that's my guess.

  • exVengeance

    I've missed ya George

  • Michael Esposito
    Michael Esposito

    I lasted about a minute and a half. What an annoying guy.

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    Looks like George had a poltergeist in his apartment.

  • Dawn Marlin’s Sugar Shack
    Dawn Marlin’s Sugar Shack

    I think its time to shave that melon my dude, please consult Sean

  • testicular oxide
    testicular oxide

    Meh... Rather make my own instead of steakyhousey...

    • testicular oxide
      testicular oxide

      @sokin jon You said it!👍

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      Just do the burger.. talking and acting stupid for no reason

  • Devon Snyder
    Devon Snyder

    Return of the King

  • Tom bryan
    Tom bryan

    Too much laughing, its not that funny. Timing and restraint will make you more watchable.

  • Rasper Nor
    Rasper Nor

    George, please consider making a Baguncinha (Bah-goon-seen-yah) burger feature, that is unique to Cuiabá (Coo-wee-ah-bah) Brazil! It has lots of toppings, and is a curiosity for national and international visitors alike! :D

  • Christophe Folio
    Christophe Folio

    To me the perfect burger. Almost only tender meat inside.

  • Zachary Harris
    Zachary Harris

    Just cook and eat the steak

  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson

    Has George ever let a burger cool down appropriately before eating? I don't think he has, and I love him for it.

  • Knifemaker 24
    Knifemaker 24

    Life in my house STOPPED, the second I saw this new vid in my feed. The house coulda been on fire, and I would have continued watching. Give him his own show!!!!!

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Thick beef patties are the worst. Overcooked exterior, undercooked interior.

  • AustralianBushman

    Fuckin' A this guy really loves burgers

  • Furious Tacos
    Furious Tacos

    6 months ago I didn't know who George Motz was. I am happy as hell that I do now!

  • J N
    J N

    George the Burger King

  • Alex Yanci
    Alex Yanci

    Best.. Presenter.. Ever....

  • S4njuro

    I like Turtles! I mean BURGERS!!!

  • c r
    c r

    New editor?

  • Ha Dk
    Ha Dk

    Just do the burger.. talking and acting stupid for no reason

  • Aggad

    I’m only now realising this... what was the point of the burger show before Motz was the host?