How to Cook 4 Regional Smashburgers with George Motz | Burger Scholar Sessions
In the Season Finale of Burger Scholar Sessions, George Motz is teaching you how to cook four regional smashburgers: the Wisconsin butter burger, the New Mexico green chile burger, the Michigan olive burger, and the Montana nutburger. Sometimes regional burgers are defined by a singular topping-and as George shows us, that one topping can be incredible. Keep up with Motz as he guides us through a speed round of regional toppings!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    Salute to Burger Scholar George Motz, our national treasure. Like if you want the Motzman to return for another season!

    • Charles Lewis
      Charles Lewis

      YEAH!!! Another season with an order of fries please. Hehe

    • Ed Calley
      Ed Calley

      Love his show. It's educational, funny and just simply brilliant. George, do you ONLY put salt and not both salt and pepper on smash burgers? I am from New England (MA) and I actually never had a smashbuger in my life or even seen a place in my state offer such a burger but they look just f*cking amazing.

    • Echo PM
      Echo PM

      Olive burger represent!!!

    • sean beverly
      sean beverly

      If you dont bring back Motz, you all deserve to sleep on cots! That man is not only a burger genius like Alvin, but he is a character and I could watch him all day 👌🍔

    • Ma Eze
      Ma Eze

      Hell yeah bro!

  • H N8
    H N8

    He probably went to blakes

  • Ralph Romero
    Ralph Romero

    I want sean evans to interview George Motz

  • Remowylliams

    I can't find this movie you speak of.. Hamburger America just someone who is cheating the copyright infringement system by rescaling the video. Where can I find your documentary?

  • manuelito1233

    4 burgers in one episode? That means 3 less videos for future videos :(

  • david henderson
    david henderson

    this is my fav show right now, burger knowledge is good knowledge

  • Brandon Gamble
    Brandon Gamble

    Yup. It’s official. This man is my spirit animal

  • Greb Nitty
    Greb Nitty

    This show needs to be on Food Network or Netflix.

  • italkcrab

    Well, these are just 4 crappy burgers...

  • 1984

    3:43 please tell me somebody has gone to jail in Wisconsin for serving margarine at a restaurant.

    • Tyrunner0097

      We don't know...they don't last long in Wisconsin jails...

  • PSmiles

    Would love a Burger Scholar shirt or hoodie

  • Braden Smith
    Braden Smith

    N U T S A U C E

  • jamesdizzle420

    this is not how an olive burger is made

  • Harry Todhunter
    Harry Todhunter

    Matts Nut Sauce from Butte

  • Paul Christiansen
    Paul Christiansen

    Just made the olive burger this afternoon. It was life changing. Whoa!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • George Villa
    George Villa

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  • Harsh Jalan
    Harsh Jalan

    How does George Motz maintain his health after eating so many burgers!?

  • Lady B Miniatures
    Lady B Miniatures

    that butter burger is a heart attack on a plate...yet I get how it would be oh so delicious

  • P.D. S
    P.D. S

    Nut Sauce? I HOPE they use Miracle whip.

  • fuckedfromabove1969

    I imagine the texture of the nut burger is off the charts. Im ginna do that one myself and the olive one, too.

  • Chromatic

    we smashed together and we made nut sauce. good day

  • JAZZ

    I have peanut butter on my smashed burgers. Guess that's a kind of nut sauce?

  • Sudip Banerjee
    Sudip Banerjee

    Nut burger just is terrible. No wonder it is served in only one place. The other 3 were just fine. The film quality, effects and the way he cooks the burgers are quite amazing! Great quality vids for sure.

  • JAZZ

    6:54 shaggy moment

  • joe schmoe
    joe schmoe

    They do an olive burger in minnesota with cream cheese

  • Tommy Veee
    Tommy Veee

    Nut sauce. Hahaha!!! That's hilarious

  • Murder Bong
    Murder Bong


  • Murder Bong
    Murder Bong


  • Sensei Tubagoo 13 / subscribe to your sensei
    Sensei Tubagoo 13 / subscribe to your sensei

    I hope that’s Hatch New Mexico Chile, because if it isn’t you’re missing out SO MUCH! Omg this guy brought back a tumble weed to hang I’m his house 😂 When I was a kid growing up in New Mexico we would go and get the tumble weed plants while they are green, Pull them from the ground and tie a rope to the stem and throw them in the rio grande and the ditches for the farmers water and pull the, out 15- 30 minutes later and would have a ton of crawfish and boil them on the bank with my brothers and family

  • Wadar

    How about go on a huge bike ride, come back, eat a green chili burger and then take a nap! 👍

  • Joey Clemenza
    Joey Clemenza

    a real green chile burger has asadero cheese in it, man... I grew up in El Paso, and just an hour away from where I grew up was the city of Las Cruces. there, you can find some of the best green chile burgers in the state. however... southern new mexico and northern new mexico both have their own twists on the burger. I personally prefer it with asadero cheese.

  • Kidd Gamer
    Kidd Gamer

    I'm surprised ''nut sauce'' didn't make it into the thumbnail somehow

  • Nashtark 111
    Nashtark 111

    Cultured butter for a funky twist on the butter burger.

  • Tom bryan
    Tom bryan

    This guy craves nut sauce, usually with tube steak.

  • jakeiverson57

    Hoping this raises awareness of Butte, one of the absolute best places in the world.

  • Nicholas Costello
    Nicholas Costello

    2:30 beautiful 🤩

  • Dylan Myhill
    Dylan Myhill

    One day I hope to achieve the same amount of joy that George Motz feels when he makes burgers....Maybe burgers are the answer........

  • Fatty McDub
    Fatty McDub


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    You know he's lieing about how good the butter is because the butter there is trash. It isn't creamy. It's gross. And they stopped that law long long ago. Get Vermont butter. Thats real butter. Wisconsin butter is just margarine

  • s

    i love regional nut sauce

  • I'm hungry
    I'm hungry

    George is amazing. He ignites a love for burgers deeper than what we realized.

  • Matt Chittle
    Matt Chittle

    I live in Michigan's upper peninsula and we have a place that does an ollive burger that is literally named Beefaroo.

  • The inky Squid
    The inky Squid

    Olives and Mayo just doesn’t sound appetising at all...

  • Matt Lapla
    Matt Lapla

    Butter burger baby!

  • Patrick Murray
    Patrick Murray

    I'm from Arizona,an we put green chilies on everything. You name we've done it, hot ,extra hot,mild. Doesn't matter, it's a southwestern thing. Just not canned chillies,no ortega's.

  • Mike Rice
    Mike Rice

    We have always called that olive and mayo a K2 burger. it is at a lot of ski resorts in michigan

  • El Dado
    El Dado

    the olive one is amazing wow .. eating it while I write this

  • Dylan H.
    Dylan H.

    “Now, let’s make the Nut Burger!” You already lost me

  • suitandtieguy

    this man is so enjoyable to listen to. he knows his shit, doesn't hold back, and is full of positive energy.

  • Bobby McKenney
    Bobby McKenney

    My grandma made a variation of the olive burger. Instead of mayonnaise she'd use whipped cream cheese to avoid the mess. As for the nut-burger not going mainstream, to many nut allergic people for commercial production.

  • Tommy Hellberg
    Tommy Hellberg

    Why am i getting Johnny Knoxville vibes?

  • Hideaki Anno
    Hideaki Anno

    Slurping food that is not soup is so fucking disgusting

  • Ice Paradox
    Ice Paradox

    Olive burger made me 🤢

  • Arlie

    Just had an olive burger 3 days ago! SW Mi.

  • AlexPat3d

    I suppose George didn't finish this burger)))

  • Ryan Saunders
    Ryan Saunders

    I grew up on Miracle Whip and I swore way back then that'll I'll NEVER buy that stuff (or margarine) when I grow up :)

  • MiiLK t
    MiiLK t

    nut sauce

  • Lisa Romero
    Lisa Romero

    My green chile cheese burger! Its sooo good! Anybody with a chance get a green chile cheese burger with bacon from Blakes just saying!

  • Nikolas Moralez
    Nikolas Moralez

    I am from he city of Lima in west central Ohio. Kewpee burgers has been a staple of my city since 1928, you are wrong on the notion you can only get the olive burger in Michigan, when there are 3 locations in my town.

  • milleadh

    meat candy would be an excellent drag name..

  • borbetomagus

    Thanks so much for describing all the regional burgers you've encountered! Bishop's Fine Food Restaurant is famous for their 'Nutty Muffit', which once was a 'Double Cheeseburger topped with our homemade coleslaw & gourmet chopped nuts'. This restaurant was a drive-in that originated in the 1950s in Wooster, OH, but has since re-located twice. Sadly, the burgers used today look like Costco/Kirkland frozen quarter-pound 'Ground Beef Patties'. Regardless, the 'Nutty Muffit' is still a much loved menu item, but the real draw to Bishop's is their onion rings -- just get them cooked 'well done', as they're fairly greasy, but delicious. Should you ever visit this area, also search out 'Guerne Heights Drive In' for their 'Deep-fried franks nestled in a grilled New England Hot Dog Roll, topped with quality ingredients.' I'd recommend the 'Ol' Dirty Dog' (with Ol' Dirty Sheets Hot Sauce). And if you love garlic, also search out the much loved Coccia House pizza. (People will probably notice the garlic scent coming out of your pores the next day.) [Just make certain you bring cash, as they don't accept credit cards -- and stick to pepperoni, as their sausage is not as flavorful as most.]

  • Tyler Patton
    Tyler Patton

    If you make burgers and make'em right your going get a little burnt and this man is true to that

  • Lizard

    But when you actually live here, you tend to forget the green chile is even hot lol.

  • Taylor Sochocki
    Taylor Sochocki

    I've lived in northern Michigan my entire life and never heard of an olive burger.

  • I K
    I K

    Hahah mans funny, great video!

  • zdravkosim

    James May goes Wolverine

  • Vinicius Betini
    Vinicius Betini

    If you substitute the buns for keto bread, most of these burgers are actually pretty good for a ketogenic diet. Butter, nuts with heavy cream, stewed green chilies, olives with mayo (the only problem is the oil in the mayo, but you can substitute that for sour cream). These are great ways to eat a burger.

  • Michal kralčák
    Michal kralčák

    lol butter on burger and you can hear clogging your arteries, but still I'll eat it

  • M Raz
    M Raz

    George Motz needs to be in every video :D

  • J Lim
    J Lim

    This is why we use the terms almond milk or cashew milk. Because no one can say nut sauce with a straight face.

  • Stacy Yang
    Stacy Yang

    More of chef motz!

  • Jack Hatfield
    Jack Hatfield

    i wonder if there is a boiled burger ew

  • kyle conkel
    kyle conkel

  • jamesg3456

    ...cant get roasted green chillies in the UK, I'm craving something I've never eaten

    • jamesg3456

      Update, made the olive Burger.... Holy shit its epic

  • rosalbaramminger141

    The gaping event physiologically kick because actor consequently signal of a towering love. safe, purring congo

  • rosalbaramminger141

    The truculent paper optimally applaud because texture meteorologically tick beside a grotesque cave. damaging, misty magazine

  • LadyWatchingBird

    Dude, you are a trip. 🤣

  • sasha diambois
    sasha diambois

    my blood pressure and overall health felt threatened watching this video. lol

  • Sean Monaghan
    Sean Monaghan

    As someone from the Detroit area, I would just like to say that the olive burger does not represent my state

  • Leroy Martinez
    Leroy Martinez

    Shout out to the New Mexico green chile burger!! I live in NM and basically eat one at least once a week.

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas

    505 Hatch green Chile is the best GC in the world

  • Jeremiah Carroll
    Jeremiah Carroll

    To my own embarrassment, I would normally dismiss a guy with that hair and sideburns as a crazy fringe hipster type....but good God, the personality, the passion...I want to have a whiskey with this guy so bad it hurts...and maybe a burger or two, obviously. Keep this shit up, it's amazing. Unfettered, humorous...."fuck off bird" is something I can totally relate to. This stuff is solid gold.

  • AKos

    7:02 "in my house", at this time of year?

  • 18 ducks in a trenchcoat
    18 ducks in a trenchcoat

    Bro, stop.. stop saying nut sauce. Please. I can't.

  • mandokir

    First minute in and all he does is talk about how good his hair looks and how his daughter is the camera operator. A quarter of the video is just pronouncing how much he loves himself.

  • FunTimez

    Lmao you can tell he doesn't like the 1st one and the last one. He's just being a good sport about it lmao. When the butter burger comes around though, he takes these enormous bites because that shit is probably really good.

  • Derek Prasiloski
    Derek Prasiloski

    I trust you sensei

  • Craig Chapman
    Craig Chapman

    They looked real nice btw are u jonny Knoxville dad

  • Marahall Stewart
    Marahall Stewart

    Children don't care or cook burgers so why is this show edited to appeal to a child

  • The English Potato
    The English Potato

    I will never have a olive ever since my friend put skittles in one and dared me to eat it I nearly thru up Got a packet of hoola hoops

  • Brett Troske
    Brett Troske

    George you are an American treasure my friend

  • pddixon

    This burger isn't bad enough for you. Let's load it with butter

  • Xander Cage
    Xander Cage

    Oh my god, I just realized that my grandparents live right down the street from the very FIRST Halo Burger restaurant ever opened in Michigan! And what's worse is that in the nearly 24 years of my existence, I have STILL gone to it and tried any of their food!!! I am officially kicking myself for not realizing this earlier...

  • Emily L.
    Emily L.

    Anyone hear George on the Sporkful? I'm here from that! Even though that ep was like 6 months ago lol

  • CJ Cooper
    CJ Cooper

    This dude is literally shaggy from scooby-do, hilarious hahah

  • Szymon Olszewski
    Szymon Olszewski

    Peanut butter on a burger is really wonderful thing. Do not laugh, just try. ;)

  • Nobi Rahim
    Nobi Rahim

    Man... I really wanna get a burger. A specific kind. I hope tesco has it

  • tyler

    That fucking voice crack

  • Julian Simons
    Julian Simons

    George rules!

  • Garebear

    2:36 SW Michigan yo yo yo, I do mine with a slice of young swiss and added pickle chips! POWERFUL!