H3H3 Productions Eats the World's Spiciest Burger | The Burger Show
Ethan and Hila Klein (H3H3 Productions) lose their minds while eating the world's spiciest burger. For the season 6 premiere of The Burger Show, host Alvin Cailan teamed up with Nashville hot-chicken guru Johnny Ray Zone of Howlin' Ray's to cook a 2 million scoville unit burger infused with a lethal blend of Trinidad Scorpion peppers, Ghost peppers, and Sichuan peppercorns. They call it: the Burner Burger. Are Ethan and Hila up for the challenge? Can they withstand the pain? Find out on today's episode!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    *"I don't show a lot, but I'm going through a lot right now"* - Hila Klein 🔥🍔🌶

    • Sush Mag
      Sush Mag

      @Christian Brewster this is. A free channel. If you don't like it don't watch.

    • Felipe Lago
      Felipe Lago


    • Paul Blart
      Paul Blart

      That might be the single most hila thing that be ever heard

    • Flerb Fan
      Flerb Fan


    • SmokeyOwOs

      Why give h3h3 more publicity tho

  • jeff jeej
    jeff jeej

    why was the one chef literally tripping lmao

  • Dinky Dinklage
    Dinky Dinklage

    Bro talking about peppers like the different strains of pot

  • Huf P.
    Huf P.

    A Jew made a lawsuit joke , I would’ve cancelled this whole show in that moment tbh

  • Breadhead21

    I think H3 are awesome, love that podcast

  • shrimpsandwhich

    this was fucking annoying

  • Felipe Lago
    Felipe Lago

    Best episode people!

  • Snack

    “I’ll see you on the toilet later.”

  • Nick Zimmerman
    Nick Zimmerman

    I would try it

  • Red Oxygen
    Red Oxygen

    The white chef looks like wee man from jackass 😂

  • Kevin Sellers
    Kevin Sellers

    My d is a burger. 😆

  • Krenotenze

    Alvin is excellent as always. Never heard of H3H3 before, but holy hell they're annoying. Almost as annoying as the retching BS on GMM.

  • thomas thompson sunshinescopes
    thomas thompson sunshinescopes

    @ 9:37 that ultimate fupa security guard was a great touch to the Ethan vibe.

  • Michaylas Husband 1
    Michaylas Husband 1

    Lookin like a big ass weeman

  • kandi

    hila is so beautiful in this video :D

  • xylom gunner
    xylom gunner

    they did not toast the buns!!!!!!

  • Gifted

    Hot ones better start doin in person interviews that show use to be lit af

  • Paul Dawe
    Paul Dawe

    Alvin talk to Johnny about getting a howling rays spice blend out there!

  • Mage 1
    Mage 1

    Ethan is like a fatter version of the wholesome vice guy,


    I swear alvin gets less and less educated in every episode hes in. Also shave bro youre a professional

  • Huddy o2
    Huddy o2

    Good luck Ethan!

  • Jay Garcia
    Jay Garcia

    American wagyu 😂 shut up

  • SJ Mayes
    SJ Mayes

    This is really bad.

  • Taylor Tebbe
    Taylor Tebbe

    I can't believe H3 went outside without a mask during a pandemic!! How selfish of them putting people in danger!!! 😷😷😷

  • Ebby Shosan
    Ebby Shosan

    he need to lose weight

  • Lorena Lara
    Lorena Lara

    Fuck man, I honestly would love to try this burger. I have been chasing that feeling since i was a toddler lol i love spicy food.

  • Angel Gallegos
    Angel Gallegos

    0:48 because your gonna fucking need it

  • Liam Rutter
    Liam Rutter

    "mom said its my turn on the xbox" guy at 9:42

  • Noah Seversike
    Noah Seversike

    Good luck Ethan! You're gonna need it!

  • kiddchronic901

    Ian gone lie bro princes chicken is the og of Nashville hot chicken bro

  • jayfetzer8

    Why am I sweating just watching this

  • Andy Ramirez
    Andy Ramirez

    The tattoo guy was straight CRINGE!!!!

  • Gucci Demeanor
    Gucci Demeanor

    Please get the damn 🌶 🌽

  • Muž se zlatým pérem
    Muž se zlatým pérem


  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    Have you considered Wasabi in the sauce

  • Ryan Weyh
    Ryan Weyh

    I’m a burger boy as well so I would also try to live off burgers alone

  • Mattyphatsacs

    Hila is so beautiful.

  • Prada Proud
    Prada Proud

    Just want to faint but not faint

  • Malinche

    I thought h3h3 says HEHE

  • virus56777

    Call it. Crematoria 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • virus56777

    Can I get two please. 🔥🔥🔥👍👍

  • virus56777

    ( Washugue. )Not. Wagu

  • virus56777

    Legendary 💯💯💯💯🎉🎉🎉🎉☃️☃️.

  • Kevin Smiles
    Kevin Smiles

    A shame bout that beautiful meat...

  • Curtis Day
    Curtis Day

    Nobody: That guy: DiD yOu GeT tHE sZeChUaN YeT?

  • KingUnderTheStars

    Someone needs to doordash this to me in the middle of nowhere Indiana lol Will take 2 :)

  • Kasandra

    Hila is so cute, I can’t handle it

  • David Siahaan
    David Siahaan

    That Johnny Ray Zone character has a real Chad energy to him. Ethan definitely noticed and acted accordingly lol I love you Ethan

  • Jona

    This Ethan!!!

  • Ball Is Life
    Ball Is Life

    Wheres the vald guy🤬🤬

  • logan Oliver
    logan Oliver

    Man ladies always take such smalls bites of boygas lol. But they usually always finish the burger. 100 small bites meanwhile us men take like 5 bites and done

  • logan Oliver
    logan Oliver

    "I have good lawyers" oh we know Ethan 😂

  • Matthew Brulla
    Matthew Brulla

    The burger looks amazing. Highly recommend snagging another Jack - Habanero, Ghost...skip the reaper, the bitterness will mess with the balance. I actually LOVE a good fruity hot cheese. I had a Mango Habanero that I think would really go well with this. Monterey Jack would just get lost, I'd think. Peppercorns were an awesome addition. Need to make sure I stop by if I'm ever in town.

  • Elijah Noriega
    Elijah Noriega

    we luv h3h3

  • Austyn Nolen
    Austyn Nolen

    Sean Evans with full body tattoos is daddy material.

  • Div 88
    Div 88

    Fake and gay

  • Evelyn Carranza
    Evelyn Carranza

    I love Ethan and hila I just wanna be their friends 🥲

  • AlmightyEddie

    Lol "whered u get this guy"

  • FruityCocoaPuffs

    Dude was weird asf

  • FruityCocoaPuffs

    He was talking about the Szechuan pepper like it was a drug 😭 “ did you get the Szechuan pepper” “do you feel the numbing” “do you feel the lifting sensation”

  • DastardlyBosko

    The security guard lol

  • Svante

    Johnny seems veeey very skitz

  • Svante

    That’s so Ethan

  • Raymond Boyd
    Raymond Boyd

    Ethan is so punchable

    • DontBe8thNotes

      OoooooOoo. Your hard. Better watch out for this dude, guys

  • Edwin Ortiz
    Edwin Ortiz

    9:15 caught me off guard with how hilarious it came off. When Ethan said that, in my mind it was totally something Ethan would say. Then the guy's reaction to it caught him by such surprise that he didn't know who Ethan was and just heard "I felt like I just gave Satan a deep throat blowjob." and then Ela just says "I do feel that." just adds so much to it

  • Jessi Jepson
    Jessi Jepson

    He’s that guy that you and your friends do molly with and the girls in the group tell you privately that he weirds them out and your like “I know right” and you ditch him or tell him to leave

  • TheAverageChelios

    I am in Love for the respect for this burger behind the episode...


    They should’ve toasted the bun. Nobody wants a soggy bun


    He said “your eyebrows will be twitching” bruhhhh that’s a violation

  • Alexa

    did sean evans end up trying it?

  • Last_ Gasp21
    Last_ Gasp21

    The chef is a bit of a tool.

  • Strazz923

    09:39 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez

    that flavor that makes you wanna come back despite the pain. Even if you can barely breath and your sweating a shit ton. That is the best.

  • Se7enMurks

    The chef at 2:58 had a mimikyu tattoo.. That in itself makes the video awesome

  • Mr TripleM
    Mr TripleM


  • BroThisGameTrash YT
    BroThisGameTrash YT

    Honestly if H3 posted this to his own channel you would probably get way more reviews because this video only has around 900,000 views but this was just in my recommended and I’m sure a lot of people so I feel this number will rise but still you would get way more publicity H3 posted this to my channel

  • ProfessorX 86
    ProfessorX 86

    Just as an fyi, 'waivers' rarely hold up in court, it also helps to have a really good lawyer, but waivers are sort of the first line of defense that tell people not to try.

  • Jimothy Snooker
    Jimothy Snooker

    I'm very triggered by the fact Ethan just leaves the sauce on his lips. I wipe my mouth after a sip of water and this mans just letting lava hang out on his face.

  • Jimothy Snooker
    Jimothy Snooker

    I absolutely love spicy food I keep hot sauce and creole in my car at all times but this is absurd levels of heat. there's a point where you no longer taste what you're eating and it's just straight bitter fire. even on wagyu burgers I don't see how any beef flavor can claw it's way through hell.

  • Mason White
    Mason White

    The owner used to smoke hella g and is in NA I feel lmao

  • Regina Dominguez Trevizo
    Regina Dominguez Trevizo

    9:47 - Effortlessly getting to know more and more about Hila :)

  • Eva Freeman
    Eva Freeman

    Honestly I don't understand making something so spicy. I cant taste the flavour of everything else

  • rachelll ramaaa
    rachelll ramaaa

    when is this from?

  • purpblower502

    Burger looks nasty asf

  • Sergio0Oo

    jesus christ that chef guy is damn fat

  • Kenneth O’Connor
    Kenneth O’Connor

    H3H3 is a disappointment now :( They’re a gossip IRbin channel now

    • pep_z

      @Vela Luka they do that all without trisha lol

    • Vela Luka
      Vela Luka

      You mean because of frenemies? That’s mainly just Trisha and then they are supportive and go along with it. In the main podcast they discuss a lot of dif stuff but just headline the most interesting topic. Tbh I just am proud to see how far they’ve come since I started watching them and they had so little. True rags to riches

  • Tee Man
    Tee Man

    These chefs are annoying?

  • FroztiProductions

    I thought it was gonna be some signature famous burger but they just went into the kitchen like "alright how we gonna fuckem up today?".

  • Alia M
    Alia M

    Chilli is supposed to make your body temperature go lower so Hila's gonna be okay

  • Martin Gun
    Martin Gun

    Hila: ”Are you arroused?”

  • Scorpion Master
    Scorpion Master

    5:15 he's disgusted by what the obese guy put on the burger LOL


    I want one

  • Simon Läser
    Simon Läser

    Sound engineer is doing the finest job...

  • Tyleroni and Cheese
    Tyleroni and Cheese

    White guy is annoying afff and rude to Ethan like stfu

  • Hayley M
    Hayley M

    Watch Hila get ignored for 13 minutes. Never seen someone blatantly ignore someone like that in my entire life. wowoowowow

  • Troy

    irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/aJesl3rN3HGjp6E.html security guard is spooked by Ethen!

  • Saint Rigal
    Saint Rigal

    and that's how you join the Gerd gang

  • Matias Lopez
    Matias Lopez

    9:25 That's what she said!!!

  • Daniel Romero
    Daniel Romero

    I don’t like when people make crazy food and don’t eat some themselves . Cut the burgers in half so everyone can have some

  • Squallypop

    poor hila D: