Gabriel Iglesias Learns How to Cook Must-Try Burger Styles | The Burger Show
Comedian Gabriel Iglesias, a.k.a. "Fluffy," learns how to cook must-try burger styles that every burger lover should know about-including a quintessential smashburger and hybrid quesadilla burger. Under the tutelage of Alvin Cailan, Fluffy is training to become the ultimate burger warrior. And for all of Fluffy's hard work, Alvin is going to surprise him with a mind-blowing Texas beef-rib burger inspired by his hero, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Will Fluffy pass the test? Find out on today's episode.

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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    *"I think life is much better when you're eating a burger" - Fluffy*

    • Joaquin The super saiyan
      Joaquin The super saiyan


    • itzNoah

      I think life is better when your on a show with fluffy -me

    • Linda Morris
      Linda Morris

      Bqb@『Krønøs Prøductiøns』

    • Linda Morris
      Linda Morris

      @『Krønøs Prøductiøns』 🏉

    • Linda Morris
      Linda Morris

      @『Krønøs Prøductiøns』 🏉


    Should have named it the stunner


    Bro he's going to give him a heart attack lmaoo

  • Stan Henderson
    Stan Henderson

    I want a bottomline sandwich, damn. All of that chili and cheese, the meat was a lil too rare for me.

  • Alvin King
    Alvin King

    Haha my name is Alvin

  • Moses Plasencia
    Moses Plasencia

    He anoys the shit out me. Osea me caga los huevos este weyy. Yes it's not a good comment but it the closes i got to say n maybe him know I feel not that he cares but just putting it on writing feels guuuuuuuds. Jjj

  • Evanie Beaulieu
    Evanie Beaulieu

    I miss Fluffy on final fantasy new age of empires,,,,,,you are a legend on our game and will always

  • 2020finallydone Ayyy
    2020finallydone Ayyy

    Bone in?! For what? For show? Gtfoh,

  • Gustavo Alanis
    Gustavo Alanis

    Where can I buy a fluffy funko pop I really want one ?

  • Enycma Pie
    Enycma Pie

    5:12 Just a chihuahua doing some smell check on another chihuahua in the background while 2 guys eat cheese burger.

  • Robert B
    Robert B

    i would of named it the 3:16

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores

    Now that's worth diabetes

  • Lowbvll

    Is Alvin ever gonna be on hot ones? Lol cmon we NEED that!

  • Richardson West
    Richardson West

    The milky slave microbiologically explode because string italy examine versus a normal fedelini. nervous, workable texture

  • BirdVark

    I can feel the heartburn and flavor through the video

  • Hisakeru

    The minute fluffy said hey! The Mexican in me dove for cover

  • Johnny Gonzales
    Johnny Gonzales

    I’m in fucking love

  • Renars Ivanovs Veinbergs
    Renars Ivanovs Veinbergs

    Get joey diaz on the show

  • Mario Ricardo
    Mario Ricardo

    Looks like he needs to learn to cook a salad instead

  • Randy Mon
    Randy Mon

    I thought they were brothers

  • Steven Bruner
    Steven Bruner

    that was beautiful \

  • PrettyBrown Eyez
    PrettyBrown Eyez

    I just L💗VE Stone Cold Steve Austin!!

  • Cj Cook
    Cj Cook

    I took me till about 4 minutes in to realize that fluffy has a vw bus turned into a aquarium.

  • Matheus Lima
    Matheus Lima

    battle of the clones

  • jagarnaut singer
    jagarnaut singer

    Fat guys and fat patties is all i like to watch. Cuz i myself a fat guy

  • jagarnaut singer
    jagarnaut singer

    Omg!! 🤩🤩 this is amazing! 😭😭

  • BraceDeville

    Getting the legend Gabriel Iglasias to appear on this was legit.

  • John Mayer’s
    John Mayer’s

    They should sumó wrestle instead

  • Christopher Satterfield
    Christopher Satterfield

    I wish I had real good coverage

  • Jon Coleman
    Jon Coleman

    Where can I get one of the burger presses you have?

  • Knox

    Ft. Diabeetos👌

  • Sam Mobley
    Sam Mobley

    Doesn’t Burt have this same show

  • Big E
    Big E

    Damn looks good to me

  • PenguinTV

    I’m surprised he still has the “Tanked” aquariums.

  • Margo Hollingsworth
    Margo Hollingsworth

    Now I have to get in the kitchen and cook these too. AMAZING!

  • Just Bob
    Just Bob

    omg i tought i watch same person all the video

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    hells handle and burger balls...

  • Piruchi Ruchio
    Piruchi Ruchio

    The smoke and smell probably ruins those cars nearby...

  • cristiano ronalod
    cristiano ronalod

    The bottom line burger 😁😛

  • Christopher Lomas
    Christopher Lomas

    Look how fancy fluffy is with his pinky out 🤣

    • Christopher Lomas
      Christopher Lomas

      Thank you fluffy for your hilarious perspective

  • Justin

    This "comedian " is horrible. I'm fat I'm fat I'm fat. And that's the show thanks for listening 🙄

  • Chris Greenbag
    Chris Greenbag

    that really was a teaser....

  • My Hot Videos Here: myvdeos•com
    My Hot Videos Here: myvdeos•com


  • Victor Lindvall
    Victor Lindvall

    I swear this is one person

  • Derek Reno
    Derek Reno

    One more burger looks like your heart may explode.

  • N8 D0G
    N8 D0G


  • Sheik Hassan
    Sheik Hassan

    PIeople you need: The rock C.M punk DMX Eminem 50 cent Joe pesci Sean Paul Lil Wayne Jim Carey Adam Sandler

  • Dizzy Rocket
    Dizzy Rocket

    That “Bottom Line” Texas hitter!! When he pulled that bone out bruh... 😳🍖🥺🦴 that pork tenderoni

  • Austin

    Goddamnit. Dont watch this while hungry.

  • Rybub F20
    Rybub F20

    Fluffy a dick in real life fr

  • TmZz-Ghost —
    TmZz-Ghost —

    Are those all his cars cause that’s amazing

  • Ben Armstrong
    Ben Armstrong

    Alvin, I'm just now discovering your show. Have been burning through the seasons over the last couple weeks. You are keeping me sane, brother. And the fams is stoked that I'm serving them so many awesome burgers.

  • A Pog Squirrel
    A Pog Squirrel

    They’re the same person. One just level up their cooking stat instead of charisma

  • Zack Tichy
    Zack Tichy

    All those burgers looked awesome and that "Bottom Line" burger took the cake. I thinking of trying to make that quesadilla burger at home.

  • O BOZ
    O BOZ

    luv u Fluffy

  • hfootball9634

    Fluffy you need to make a food truck and serve that burger

  • TheTripfantastic

    I was worried at first that Fluffy wasn't gonna have room for the second burger.

  • DirtyDinoTV

    This guy reminds me of cookie from shrek 😂 “ boom I think I nailed it “

  • Kristopher Abicht
    Kristopher Abicht

    What grill is this?

  • Cep Cooper
    Cep Cooper

    Now that i really think about it 6ft apart is a whole me

  • Ben Grove
    Ben Grove

    My stomach is alreadyin trouble w!?°

  • Evan Smathers
    Evan Smathers

    That dog looks stoned

  • Brian Wagner
    Brian Wagner


  • Lümïnä_Cüb

    8:51 honestly, I would do that same thing

  • Melissa Rehmeier
    Melissa Rehmeier

    The dogs are like: “I smell food! Give me!!” 😂🤣👏🏼

  • Liam McLeod
    Liam McLeod

    not one leaf was consumed during this video

  • Jason Castro
    Jason Castro

    God I love fluffy

  • Eric Harding
    Eric Harding

    I soooo want to see Stone Cold eat one of these bad boys! Hell yeah!

  • Jaydon Schoepfer
    Jaydon Schoepfer

    Bruh I siriously can’t tell them apart

  • kinawowtho

    thats a lotta cars

  • Sergio Diaz
    Sergio Diaz

    those kombis sill smell of burger

  • maxim daniels
    maxim daniels

    That burger is something God would eat on his cheat day...💯

  • jason miller
    jason miller

    I get the whole burger thing but if I was in the west coast I would be super into the Mexican cuisine

  • Jay Sartori
    Jay Sartori

    This is food porn!!

  • Wilber Portillo
    Wilber Portillo

    They look the same😭

  • B CG
    B CG

    Alvin is about ....600 to 800 times funnier than 'fluffy'. For real, this dude is George Lopez for PG pretent catholics to find funny on whatever shotty sitcom because they ain't aloud to watch real comedians.

  • Glogeta

    Dope af that he did the vid in his classic vw garage

  • crazypirate03

    I love that he still has the VW bus fish tanks from Tanked in the garage.

  • BelieveThePanda

    Damn im surprised by how little views this has compared to the other vids

  • JustAGuy

    How easily he pulled that bone from that beef rib.....I wanna know how he cooked it.

  • Kevin Mortimer
    Kevin Mortimer

    I LOVE Fluffy's collection.

  • Adan Medina
    Adan Medina

    Those are fake tortillas.

  • michaelangaloe

    Mostly just cheese, kinda fat

  • Back up Account
    Back up Account

    I'm too focused on the dogs and the cars can't pay attention to the burgers

  • Dinko Žigić
    Dinko Žigić

    This is a Joke ????? Oh good 😔

  • Johnathon Wheeler
    Johnathon Wheeler

    We get it! Your 450 pounds and have a burger fetish. What's the next video? Ok millennials.... spoiler alert! Another burger video but slightly different style of avocado, with more deep fry on it, and some rancho/siracha sauce you never could of thought up ? Ohh and the season finally, hot sauce is the new life style. This is getting old

  • Manuel Iniguez
    Manuel Iniguez

    When his voice changed from the chili sauce i died 💀💀

  • arrowguy173

    LOVE the blue Trans Am. Keep the burgers, I'll take the bird.

  • Mack Nickelson
    Mack Nickelson

    Title: 2 fat guys who look like twins coming over burgers.

  • SunbakedCj

    “If this is the last thing I eat, I can die a happy man.” You might based off the amount of cholesterol consumed within 15 minutes

  • Rodolfo escobar
    Rodolfo escobar

    That rib sandwich looks like a turd before he ate it !!!

  • David Terrazas
    David Terrazas

    Lol first comedian I got into watching IRbin

  • Amir Haikal
    Amir Haikal

    No matter what type. Your life will be better if we have burgers

  • Koji LI
    Koji LI

    The languid kenneth phytochemically bake because sociology presently settle modulo a receptive cuticle. juvenile, woebegone low

  • Insomniatic 0206
    Insomniatic 0206

    Ngl, this was a bit awkward for me dawg.

  • luca fresh
    luca fresh


  • Cheese Dinner
    Cheese Dinner

    Alvin is Asian fluffy

  • Darío Hirsch GJ
    Darío Hirsch GJ

    "cheese quesadillas" weeeeyy, las quesadillas llevan queso siempre

  • N S
    N S

    2 tons of fun

  • Michael Boyce
    Michael Boyce

    Doing a David Seville.