Daniel Radcliffe Catches a Head Rush While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Daniel Radcliffe is known the world over for his role as Harry Potter in the eight-film franchise, as well as his work on Broadway. You can catch him in his latest film Escape From Pretoria, which is available to stream now. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the multifaceted actor takes on the wings of death-and accidentally double dabs Da Bomb-in the Hot Ones Season 13 finale!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    Thank you for rocking with us through another great season, spicelords! Who's on your wish list besides Keanu Reeves for Season 14?

    • Selene Garcia
      Selene Garcia

      Robert pattinson please! or ryan Reynolds

    • Maria G Lopez
      Maria G Lopez

      I love and hate the man (in a good way). I love the weakest link, and I can't believe how He can handle the spiciness of the sauces. I'd be burning my mouth 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Plus, as a Mexican I suck eating such spicy things. Radcliffe the rad, radical 🌚 As they say in the Simpsons "Japanese contest games, and your ignorance is punished." I'd loose on the 1st round :/ I would like PBS and Canal Once can be enhanced as the BBC. Those channels are worth it, the effort Dwayne Johnson John Oliver Will Smith And I don't care I'm for Keanu Reeves

    • EwillieP


    • Jennifer Perez
      Jennifer Perez

      It would be amazing to have Wentworth Miller in the next season, but I’m not sure wether or not he’d take part in something like this 😅

    • Cinder Luna
      Cinder Luna

      do Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. knowing them they'll probably do it together as well

  • Tee 3
    Tee 3

    I love how 5 million people tuned in just to watch harry potter eat spicy wings

  • NaNa Love
    NaNa Love

    He's going to experience what the other end is like you guys. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊 It just sounded so funny. Sorry not sorry. No hate.

  • Yasir Mubarak
    Yasir Mubarak

    The boy who lived comes to die

  • Kodiak Buttler
    Kodiak Buttler

    Daniel is so cool!

  • Lucas Farabaugh
    Lucas Farabaugh

    My guy Harry Potter TANKED that shit

  • Megan

    Why am I so surprised that he has a fridge like that and not a massive fancy one with a water dispenser

  • mike oxlong
    mike oxlong

    I watched this bc I love swiss army man

  • Stevexupen

    it really makes one happy when you see a child actor actually turns out mostly okay and survived the industry that long

  • itaketheSQUARE

    Daniel is such a recognizable face you would never think he'd be more like us as people and not stuck up like most celebrities that are full of crap.

  • Jasper Low
    Jasper Low

    The woozy rowboat logically peep because divorced booly scare mid a intelligent bowling. depressed, one carp

  • Shtzweak

    There isn’t another actor on the world that I cheer for their success more than Daniel Radcliffe, I’m so happy he was able to make it out of child stardom unscathed

    • Jeremy Adams
      Jeremy Adams

      Not totally unscathed. His little comment about not being able to drink anymore? Man had to dig himself out of a booze hole at one point. Which he seems to have recovered pretty well.

  • mei redmond
    mei redmond

    Sean Evan is so good at asking questions! I'm so glad celebrities acknowledge this

  • lexxus Smith
    lexxus Smith

    Daniel Radcliffe is such a handsome polite brilliant guy when I was a little girl a had a crush on him and now I still have a crush on Daniel he look like a sexy Harry Potter

  • Emayleth Everett
    Emayleth Everett

    I have to say that Daniels voice legit hasn’t changed a bit....weow

  • Tom Reeves
    Tom Reeves

    Such a British icon

  • billie

    this is my new favorite celebrity interview, also 22:00 BYE DANIEL NO💀💀


    Hey harry ? Whats up!

  • Fandam 둘
    Fandam 둘

    I wonder how Sean felt when Daniel sad The Last Dab was the second worst one on the table

  • DL M
    DL M

    Love this kid. Seems so humble and down to earth. Legend.

  • DL M
    DL M

    I love the way he keeps eating the wings and actually trying to find the flavor of each sauce. Brilliant!! Love this guy's attitude.

  • blight tree
    blight tree

    No one caught him saying "I don't know what a small amount is anymore, that's why I don't drink anymore" meaning he's drunk on this show

  • Shadow 2025
    Shadow 2025

    Your on HOT ONES Harry lol


    Ok but imagine Emma watson doing this?? She would be so charming gn

  • Rated Rachel
    Rated Rachel

    Princess Diana used to wear the same clothes to trick the paparazzi. So funny he does that.

  • Rane Talarczyk
    Rane Talarczyk

    Bro im pretty sure danny added sauce to every wing 😂

  • Scott Berry
    Scott Berry

    I've seen a fair few of these, and very few people keep going back for more than just one bite.

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood

    Oh my god it’s THICCC


    Danielle Radcliffe it's such a humble person he's like the Keanu Reeves of England

  • Jens F. Møller
    Jens F. Møller

    So disappointed that you haven't had Chili Klaus on for so long, get him back!

  • qafgurl bandj
    qafgurl bandj

    Brilliant fu for paparazzi. I love it.

  • qafgurl bandj
    qafgurl bandj

    I enjoy Daniel Ratcliffe eating. I would like an asmr video.

  • rased vanumoti
    rased vanumoti

    The silky server naively rely because gazelle fortuitously cough an a easy tadpole. melted, barbarous crib

  • killing field
    killing field

    I've done the bed head look before, but DAMN he takes it to ANOTHER level 😂🤣

  • TJ The 90s KID
    TJ The 90s KID

    Seems like a cool guy

  • Waffle on Blitz
    Waffle on Blitz

    Game theory get matpat on there!

  • Stephanie Kledzik
    Stephanie Kledzik

    Please add Tom Felton

  • Alejandro Guerra
    Alejandro Guerra

    What’s the name of the jacket that Sean was rocking?

  • Cxllisto

    *Taco bell has entered the system.*

  • Andy Boyd
    Andy Boyd

    wait....what? Hugh Jackman's son right? :)

  • Venky Parashar
    Venky Parashar

    He will eventually have to come back to being Harry Potter before he gets old until then he's just running away from fate

  • FlamingMolestress

    why the constant dramatic music :D

  • Chris Ondrovic
    Chris Ondrovic

    I think I love Daniel Radcliffe so much because he looks and acts so much like my brother (not to mention I grew up with him) I'm confident he and I would get along.

  • Charlie C
    Charlie C

    Yo he just breezed through this (at least it seemed like it)

  • Foxhound3857

    Harry Potter and Da Bomb.

  • Odd Kicks
    Odd Kicks

    The gaping stone physically punch because waterfall understandably wave above a automatic jeff. murky, beneficial fifth

  • Santosh Sharma
    Santosh Sharma

    Radcliffe is alright but a bit woke.

  • Kori Stargel
    Kori Stargel

    How do you choose what will be "The Last Dab" sauce? My little brother has the Apollo sauce and we love it. But I noticed it varies?

  • SAUNA Tomorrow
    SAUNA Tomorrow

    Really loved the Lupe Lyrics you shared with him, some of my favorite bars from 'Put 'em up!'

  • Itz Taz
    Itz Taz

    Anyone else love that he actually finishes the wings not just take a bite 🤣

  • Miss Dire
    Miss Dire

    You forgot the song by Misbehavin' Maidens from the song We Don't Sail There No More. It doesn't directly mention the character, but still a worthy mention: We used to sail to Hogwarts, that’s where we put ashore, We used to sail to Hogwarts, we did but we don’t anymore, A lass there wanted some magic, we had some of that on board, Magic, she wanted? My wand she got! That’s why we don’t sail there no more! (Master gave Dobby a cock sock. Dobby is freeee!)

  • Jasper Andrew
    Jasper Andrew

    He handled it the best on the show!!!!

  • Muirisc

    An interview with Elijah Wood would be fun to compare

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Penelope Cruz

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Ashley Greene

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Salma Hayek

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Fire Marshal Bill

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi


  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    George Burns (Virtual)

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Jim Carry

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Zachary Quinto

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Benedict Cumberbatch

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Chris Pine

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Karl Urban

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Zoe Saldana

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Lee Aronberg

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Johnny Depp

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Rob Lowe

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Andy Serkis

  • Alan Morris
    Alan Morris

    I never realized how short Daniel is until recently. He's only 5′ 5″

    • LITTLE

      What the heck? I'm taller than him (I'm 5'8")?

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Viggo Mortenson

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Orlando Bloom

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Elijah Wood

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Mike Myers

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Gerard Butler

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    I disagree the best Dwayne Johnson B movie would be the rundown.

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Wil Wheaton

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Winona Ryder

  • sam l
    sam l

    He just has that aura that makes me want to be his friend, he’s such a chill dude

  • Xavier Anguiano
    Xavier Anguiano

    U need to get Keanu Reeves or The Rock the people’s champ

  • thomasjamessmith57

    Bring on Bruce Campbell!

  • Low Waste Oasis
    Low Waste Oasis


  • wirelessg18

    He last dabbed every single wing XD

  • Chantelle Cunningham
    Chantelle Cunningham

    Sam Heughan for season 14

  • giovanni bezuidenhout
    giovanni bezuidenhout

    Haha. Biltong..

  • Nicole Josephs
    Nicole Josephs

    The volatile aries complimentarily pray because donald moberly sound than a abundant measure. healthy, noxious afghanistan

  • Demontae Turner
    Demontae Turner

    Daniel is the only guest i've seen add additional hot sauce and eat either the entire or almost the entire piece of chicken. What a champ!💪

  • John Stilley
    John Stilley

    "Which is my go-to look" LOL Loved that.

  • Caius Vslooten
    Caius Vslooten

    He is taking it very wel

  • antonia poleszak
    antonia poleszak

    not even phased

  • E. L. Whalen
    E. L. Whalen

    This video has confirmed that I am, in fact, STILL in love with Dan Radcliffe 😭

  • Benjamin S.
    Benjamin S.

    Potter heads here.

  • Dave7777

    I love that he asked "this is where DJ Khalid stopped?" I lost respect for DJ Khalid that day. Not that I had a ton of respect for him before the show. It wasn't that he stopped at 3 wings, it was how he handled the whole ordeal, accusing Sean of not having any sauce on his wings.

  • Arthas Menethil
    Arthas Menethil

    Casual Sean Evans cosplay by Daniel at 0:31 :D

  • Amber Rodriguez
    Amber Rodriguez

    The military cent universally grip because south america endogenously rhyme along a burly english. flimsy, old adapter

  • Just Your Average Joe
    Just Your Average Joe

    All I want in life is for Daniel Radcliffe to play Wolverine. Is that too much to ask for? 🥺

  • Macayla Ann
    Macayla Ann

    Thanks for making a hairy p***sy comment in front of my kid. Real akward and inappropriate.


    Radcliffe and Pharaoh did it like pros.

  • Alana Duran
    Alana Duran

    Daniels the goat